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My 6 year old put hand soap in cups filled with water.

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coupleswithtroublesTHERAPIST Fri 08-Mar-13 04:25:08

I've got 3 children and one is on his way (11 weeks pregnant).
All boys: 6, 4 and an almost 3 year old.

Before they go to sleep they get some water to drink.
My 6 year old has put hand soap in their cups without us noticing it.

I don't think it was a lot, because when we gave them their water it didn't look weird and the all drink it.
Even the eldest, who put it in there.
If there was a lot in there it must have tasted unpleasant for them, wouldn't it?

Reason why he did it:
He thought that if they were drinking water with hand soap in it they would get bubbles coming out of their mouth.

Yes, there sure came something out of their mouths. And a LOT OF IT!!!
But it wasn't bubbles.
It was vomit, a lot of vomit and everyone was sick at the very same time.

Nothing seemed to be wrong when the kids were going to bed.
Around midnight that all changed.
That was the moment that they all got sick.

From all being fine to all being sick. I imminently thought that something was wrong.
This isn't a normal sickness. Usually then one gets it then the other and so on.
Then if there are more then one ill at the same time. What are the changes of them all being sick at the same time?

I started to ask questions and that's when my eldest told me what he had done.
He is now feeling terrible and terrible about it. (let's just say he has learned his lesson tonight, the hard way. He'll NEVER do it again.)

He told me:
'I thought if we drink that we'd be making bubbles with our mouth. I didn't know I made everyone ill. I'm very sad about it and angry on myself'.

I told him it was very good and brave of him to tell us the truth.
His poor little face when he told us. He was sooo scared of how we were going to react.
He thought we were going to be furious on him.

I wasn't angry. Just happy to know what had happen to the kids.

The only worry I had was that my youngest didn't wake up when he was vomiting.
We heard the others being ill and found him sleeping and vomit next to him.
He did respond, but didn't really wake up or asked us for help.

I called the out of hours doctor and I had to make sure he's sleeping on his side and not on his back.
I also need to check on him from time to time.
See if he respond on me when I try to wake him up.

I won't go to sleep and set an alarm clock for every 2 hours. I'll stay awake.
So when I hear any sound coming from his room I can immediately go to him. If I'm asleep I might not hear it.

Most likely that nothing serious will happen. But it isn't very safe to vomit while being in deep sleep.
Better safe that sorry.

I never thought that hand soap could cause such a trouble.
It doesn't even say on the package that it's dangerous to eat it.
Yes, I understand that you shouldn't eat it. But my 6 year old uses it when washing his hands after he has been to the loo.
It would be nice if they'd have said something on the package. Something like: not toxic, but when swallowed it could cause heavy vomiting.

The only warning on the package is for when you get it in your eyes that you must rinse it with water.
If you get skin irritation then stop using this product.
But nothing about getting it in your mouth....

Take mine advice ladies. Be careful with soap and kids.
It might not look and be as dangerous as other cleaning products.
But you sure don't want to get this stuff into your kids.

On everything they warn about peanuts, but on this bottle of hand soap from the Morrisons. There is no warning or what to do or what happens when a child swallows it.
They told me from the out of hours line that it wasn't dangerous. But it sure is uncomfortable.

Let me tell you how uncomfortable it's:

I'm in the next room of my kids. During the writing of this message I had to go to them about every 15 min because someone started to vomit.
I've 3 kids who did swallow the watery hand soap at the same time. If you've only one child with this problem, things probably will be easier for you.
It goes so quickly that most of the time I'm just a second to late and they made the bed dirty.
I've a little bucket next to their beds, but usually they are just to late to put it in there.

So by now I've run out of bed sheets and clean towels.
The only clean towels and bed sheets that I've is on their beds at the moment.

My washing machine is on, then in the dryer and hopefully I've got some clean bed linen before someone makes his bed dirty.. again.
I don't think I'll be that lucky. Although it has been silent now for more then 15min.
I've checked on them and everyone seems to be fine and in sleep.
Cross fingers that most of it is over by now.
I had no idea that so much could come out of a child.

Nope spoke to soon.
I was just about to send this message when I heard a sound.
It was from the little one.
I was just on time. So his bed is still clean. But he had turned on his back. Just for a second it looked like he was suffocating. That was such a scary thing to see.

My 4 year old is now also heaving heavy diarrhea. I guess then the others will soon follow.

Hand soap.. it's a cleaning product and it sure does clean.... your intestines.

SavoyCabbage Fri 08-Mar-13 05:08:13

Wow, how much was in there?

He probably saw some bubbly mouth thing on a cartoon.

NoTimeForS Fri 08-Mar-13 05:08:16

Poor you! It sounds like you have a bad night ahead of you. When they settle can you sleep next to the youngest who didn't wake, on the floor, instead of setting your alarm every 2 hours? You might get more rest?
Your eldest was brave to confess though! smile

MackerelOfFact Fri 08-Mar-13 05:52:51

Sorry your DCs are so sick from this. I am surprised it has caused such a strong reaction when it is soap they use on their hands all the time and presumably has a small amount of contact with their mouths just by there being residue on their hands when they eat etc.

I know what you're saying about warnings on packaging but that would've been unlikely to prevent this! What brand of soap was it? I can imagine and antibacterial ones being quite harsh.

kritur Fri 08-Mar-13 06:26:16

Soap is quite well known for its effect on the bowels... In the olden days they used to give soap and water enemas to clear you out for lots of reasons, constipation, feeling sluggish, before going into labour.
Hope they get better soon and glad your son has realised the error of his ways.

mynameisnotmichaelcaine Fri 08-Mar-13 06:35:37

Bless him for owning up! You poor, poor thing. Hope they are feeling better today and you get some rest. Good story for his wedding once everyone is better.

kelda Fri 08-Mar-13 06:42:28

So he put hand soap in the water, and they all drank it, without noticing any bubbles or strange taste?

Even if my cup has the residue of soap in it, I can taste it and notice the bubbles.

Have you phoned the poisons hotline?

Jaynebxl Fri 08-Mar-13 07:11:54

What soap was it? I once accidentally drank some soapy water and wasn't ill like this. I would be asking the 6 year old again if it was really just a bit of soap and to show me which soap exactly it was. What a nightmare for you.

DeWe Fri 08-Mar-13 09:50:10

Are you sure it's not a sickness bug?

Mine have all drank very soapy water and never done more than pulled a face.
In fact ds made himself a potion out of various soaps and shampoos and had a large mouthful the other day and didn't have more than that. He did say he wouldn't do it again after that though grin
If they couldn't taste it, I'd think they didn't have much, and even a small amount of soap in make it look cloudy, so you'd notice it.

Check which soap he put in in case it's something else, but I suspect you've got a sickness bug. They do sometimes come on with no warning. Or think of what else you had for dinner, in case you've got food poisoning from that.

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