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Mumsnet behaviour-is it a police state?

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talktalk Thu 04-May-06 14:18:38

Hello, I've been lurking on Mumsnet for some time now but finally decided to post having been horrified at the reception that some people have received.

I always assumed that, within reason, mumsnet would be a place for parents/carers to come and, mostly anonymously, discuss their concerns. Over the last few weeks I have seen some ghastly behaviour from mns against innocent posts.
Are some of you out there assuming the mantle of "mumsnet police" and if so should you not announce that fact?

Why are people so aggressive? I've researched some of the more aggressive posters and it seems that there is a pattern to their behaviour.
If you disagree with a post or challenge its viewpoint perhaps you should just make it known and move on-berating people for their view or concern seems wrong to me.

There are lovely people on mumsnet and its such a shame that there are others who seem to get too busy and bully people into submission when they don't agree with them

Enid Thu 04-May-06 14:19:40

Enid Thu 04-May-06 14:20:07

sorry that should have been

Heathcliffscathy Thu 04-May-06 14:20:20


sorry but what do you expect this post to acheive???? that the rude people will go away? that suddenly everyone will start being lovely to each other on the controversial threads.

mn is great because there is a balance between extremely caring support and a bit of handbags at dawn!

Enid Thu 04-May-06 14:20:23

(I'll go away now)

desperateSCOUSEwife Thu 04-May-06 14:20:34

is right another non-conformist

Greensleeves Thu 04-May-06 14:20:45

"I've researched some of the more aggressive posters and it seems that there is a pattern to their behaviour."

Somewhat odd behaviour in itself that, IMO.

CHICagoMUM Thu 04-May-06 14:21:46

Took the words right out of my mouth greensleeves.

dinosaure Thu 04-May-06 14:22:09

talktalk, there are a few m'netters that I try and avoid, but generally it's a great place, and I've had invaluable help and support here during my three years as a mumsnetter. Stick with it, ignore the bad and concentrate on the good.

The other thing that I have to keep reminding myself is that some people like the argy-bargy, so each to their own.

Enid Thu 04-May-06 14:22:44

what threads are you talking about <<nosey emoticon>>

Harpsichordcarrier Thu 04-May-06 14:23:03

do you have a spreadsheet talktalk or have you plotted some sort of graph

Caligula Thu 04-May-06 14:23:28

I'm arresting you for contravening section 9, sub-section 11 of the mumsnet bylaws.

Come along quietly, now, there's no point making things worse.

bundle Thu 04-May-06 14:23:39

venn diagrams?

Marina Thu 04-May-06 14:23:54

dino puts it beautifully, some people on here enjoy a good ruck, just sidestep if you don't like it.
You could of course make yourself very popular with MNHQ and report any posts you find particularly upsetting, TalkTalk...

SenoraPostrophe Thu 04-May-06 14:23:54


spacedonkey Thu 04-May-06 14:24:25

Agree with dinosaur

Mn is a very supportive place on the whole. I tend to avoid the argy bargy threads unless I'm in the mood for argy bargy. But it is actually quite easy to avoid those sorts of threads.

Greensleeves Thu 04-May-06 14:24:33

Anyone remember that Red Hot Chilli Peppers song called "Under The Bridge"?

Don't know what suddenly made me think of that?!?

Marina Thu 04-May-06 14:24:57

The very idea of being taken into custody by someone who made his horse a consul...that reminds me, must remember to vote in important local council elections this evening.

SenoraPostrophe Thu 04-May-06 14:25:29

arse to the bullying suggestion that is.

I admit I may have missed something, but have seen a lot more poeple getting shirty and using the "b" word because someone has disagreed with them than I se actual bullying.

beckybrastraps Thu 04-May-06 14:25:42

Jumping on someone whose opinion you disagree with? Now where would she get such an idea?

Harpsichordcarrier Thu 04-May-06 14:25:46

lol at Caligula
ps I am always in the mood for argy bargy btw

expatinscotland Thu 04-May-06 14:26:04

You've researched people? You must have a lot of time on your hands.


Piffle Thu 04-May-06 14:26:29

If it was nicey nice all the time, we'd all have to eff off and find somewhere else to offend people
I enjoy a good rucking...

talktalk Thu 04-May-06 14:26:30

To be honest I understand the "thats strange behaviour" quote because I'd feel exactly the same.
To qualify-what I could have said was that when I noticed a particularly stroppy poster then I kept an eye out and realised that, as in real life, some people are more up for an "argy bargy"

I'm not expecting this post to acheive anything-I'm interested in finding out whether others have come across it and whether they ignore aggressive posts?

I'm not bothered with people debating but it does concern me that people are battered down for expressing an opinion-then again, I dont like that anyway!

sigh I've not done a very good job of expressing my self here!

Tinker Thu 04-May-06 14:27:25

Name names please talktalk. Have always been intrigued as to who teh mumsnet police are.

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