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Potty training rage

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 07-Mar-13 14:14:34

He's not a problem child, all of this sounds normal and its his friend who is the exception.

How would you (and him) feel about putting him back in nappies for a few weeks?

I'd really recommend this book too. It's not a how to, but is great for helping you potty train your DC in a waybthatvsuits both of you smile

moosiemoo Thu 07-Mar-13 13:48:00

My son voluntarily started potty training nearly a year ago, after copying a friend, and was potty trained by his 2nd birthday. He is a very stubborn, strongwilled boy and also in a bit of a terrible twos phase, and still has accidents.
I think the problem is that he has little leaks that he doesn't realise have happened, so then if we say 'do you need to sit on the potty' he gets really angry and refuses because he doesn't think he needs to go yet. If you try and encourage him on the potty or take his wet clothes off it triggers a tantrum.
He does it at nursery too, though tends to be worse for me. He goes through phases of being excellent and reliable and then other days where he doesn't even try to make it to the toilet.
I try and reward with stickers when he does successfully go without wetting his pants at all, but sometimes it happens so rarely he goes ages without a sticker and so he forgets. I think each time he gets poorly it sets him back again and he forgets how to do it.
I obviously don't like to fight with him over it, tear his clothes off or pin him to the potty as that's not going to help at all, but if I am out and about I can hardly let him stroll about soaked in wee either.
Nursery have asked for me to come in for a chat, which I think is about this. Problem child!
Any suggestions?

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