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Putting babies in their own room & sleep regression

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sparklekitty Wed 06-Mar-13 15:33:18

Marking my place! DD is almost 6 months and has always woken every 2 hours (every 45 mins for 3 weeks during sleep regression) she's always been a 'difficult' sleeper and we co-sleep. I am dreading the own room thing as I know the 2 hours will become more frequent till she becomes comfortable on her own.

Part of me wonders if being in her bedside crib disturbs her sleep when we toss and turn (DH and I both quite 'wriggly' sleepers) but whenever she does wake she seems genuinely hungry. I'm torn between waiting till she wakes less through the night to put her in her room but also I know the longer I leave it the harder it'll be for all of us so part of my thinks I need to man up and get it done (once she is 6 months) and accept a month or so of even less sleep than now.

scratchandsniff Wed 06-Mar-13 14:00:13

DS is 19 weeks and we started going through sleep regression at about 15 weeks. Touch wood things seem to be improving again. The nights I manage to get him to self settle I find are much better, so I try and put him down awake.

We put him in his own room at 9 weeks. It's next to ours and we use a monitor. He definitely slept better in his cot.

34at32 Wed 06-Mar-13 13:51:35

My DS is 3.5mo so interested to hear these responses too.

He still sleeps in a basket in our room. EBF and currently wakes 3-4 times a night to feed, but he easily settles himself again afterwards.

MiaowTheCat Wed 06-Mar-13 12:29:17

Didn't have much bother with sleep regressions (apart from one when she was figuring out how to roll over) but she's self-settled from the start and could sleep for England anyway.

Moved her into her room around 6 1/2 months (once she'd dropped night feeds and was going the full night solidly only waking up just to burble a bit or find her dummy) - she was waking just from the noise when we came to bed... she wakes up slightly in the middle of the night, goes for a crawl around her cot and finds a comedy position to lie in and goes back to sleep most nights but we don't hear her do it.

Yes I freely admit I'm a jammy fucker.

melonribena Wed 06-Mar-13 10:23:07

1. We had a definite 4 mths sleep regression. From 3.5 mths ds went from waking twice to waking up to every 45 mins some nights! We also started co sleeping to help me get some sleep! He is gradually getting better at now 7mths and will settle to sleep in his cot, but still wakes about 5 times between 7 and 7!

2. Due to the frequent waking, he is still in our room and will be until it improves more. We have a large room so it's no issue! Anyway, I'm enjoying and making the most of the co sleeping cuddles! He wakes up every morning softly singing in my ear, it's lovely!

aufaniae Wed 06-Mar-13 09:54:07

I expect you're probably aware, but just in case you're not: the SIDs advice is to keep your baby in the same room as you until 6 months. IIRC, this isn't just about you being able to see / hear your child (which is obviously important) but also that the baby learns to regulate their breathing by being near you.

In answer to your question:

1. I didn't notice a sleep regression particularly. DS fed throughout the night anyway.

2. He shared a room with us until we moved out of our 1 bed flat when he was about 18mo. However he still at age 4 gets up in the early morning (5 or 6ish), comes into our room, gets into bed with us and goes back to sleep. tbh I quite like this, it's nice to wake up all together smile

ZuleikaD Wed 06-Mar-13 09:25:42

Didn't get a sleep regression at 4m with either of them - they were both fed two-hourly through the night anyway.

Moved them to their own rooms when sleeping through the night - about 10 months both times - and it made no difference to their sleep.

Daisy17 Wed 06-Mar-13 09:21:49

My DS went into his own room at six months. He definitely slept better than he was doing next to us though still wasn't great. He's a light sleeper and we used to disturb him, I think. So it's probably more down to baby's personality/sleeping style. I'm afraid the four month sleep regression was the first of many.....

MiaSparrow Wed 06-Mar-13 08:52:02

DD only went into her own room at 8 months when we moved from a one-bed flat, so not our choice - would definitely have moved her sooner. But she was a terrible sleeper both before and after I'm afraid. I wouldn't put too much store in their own room being a big thing. It's the learning to self-settle that's important, wherever they are.

cupcake78 Wed 06-Mar-13 08:22:14

Des went in his own room within 2wks. Our bedroom wasn't big enough for a Moses basket. He was always an appalling sleeper. Woke 4-5 times every night. Some nights he'd only wake up once or twice. This happened till he was 2.5yrs old.

He's now 5 and still wakes up most nights hmm and early every morning angry.

We tried everything, its just the way he is. Have everything crossed dc2 is going to sleep.

TheFallenNinja Wed 06-Mar-13 08:20:19

1. Waiting for this, good sleeper so far.

2. DD went into her own room from 10 weeks, the same time we started bath, bottle, cuddle and bed. Fairly consistent now, there's the odd night when I really believe she just wants a good bawl and she can really go for it and nothing will stop her. We just shush pat and slowly withdraw on these odd nights. When she does wake we rotate dummy replacement duties and rotate her first feed which can be between 6-7am.

ChocolateCoins Wed 06-Mar-13 08:15:37

From the age of about 9 weeks my DD slept 11 hours every night until about 20 weeks, when ahe started waking once, then twice then three times ect. She is 18 months now and is still a horrific sleeper. Because of that, I never put her in her own room as I would have been up and down all night. She eventually got moved into our bed because she started waking 8+ times a night and I just couldn't cope with the lack of sleep any more. I would have loved to have moved her to her own room at 6 months though. So the 4 month sleep regression never really ended for me sad

FirstTimeForEverything Wed 06-Mar-13 07:54:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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