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4 month old teething- canines first....advice needed!!,

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mummy2lola Tue 05-Mar-13 18:43:25

Hi there,
Need a bit of advice if possible. My 4 month old dd is teething, and it appears that her canines are coming through first- there's no sign of front teeth. This is rather early isn't it? The canines, top and bottom are very white, and when I feel in dds mouth with my finger and Bonilla, they feel very hard when she bites down.

I've purchased every teething product under the sun, from water filled tether, teething granules, teething dummies, and teething toys. I've even got chopped carrot batons in the fridge to soothe, but nothing seems to work, and she seems to just prefer to gnaw on her little fists, and is clearly in discomfort. I'm giving her the ibuprofen calpol, as I've heard this is better than calpol for teething.

Any advice on how I ease her discomfort- when her teeth are bitching her she's like a different baby.....screaming like she's being murdered, not my smily happy girl- it's horrible and I feel so helpless.

If anybody has any tips, I'd be so great duo, and also would be interested to hear from anybody who's little one tether so early, and if their canines make through before the front ones.
She's usually a brilliant baby, ff and sleeping 10-12 hours a night,model eloping brilliantly, I just wish I could help her with her toothy pegs, bless her.

Look foward to hearing from other mums and their wits end over teething.

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ElphabaTheGreen Tue 05-Mar-13 20:06:31

Usually it's the bottom front two which come through first. Not a baby expert, but I've never seen a baby with canines coming through first. Fist chewing with associated drooling is also a perfectly normal developmental/exploratory phase which is often mistaken for teething. My DS was extremely fussy at four months, related to developmental leaping and associated sleep disturbances. If she likes chewing on things (which 99.9% of four months old do!) that's fine, but maybe let up on the Calpol/ibuprofen if it's not making a difference as it may not be teeth bothering her, and you wouldn't want to unnecessarily be giving her those meds.

Iggly Tue 05-Mar-13 20:08:24

Are you sure it's not thrush?

Also 4 months is a time for sleep regressions etc so I wouldn't put it all down to teething

mummy2lola Tue 05-Mar-13 20:26:38

Hi there- the calpol does ease it, which is some help, but I only give it when it's very bad. There is no sleep regression at all, which is good, but hv says its teething, & my god, the sore bottom she has seems to indicate that too. Seems to prefer her milk cold at the moment & seems to be in some discomfort sucking the teats of her bottle, causing her upset. Anything I can do to ease things? X

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ceeveebee Tue 05-Mar-13 20:36:30

I swear by Anbesol gel, much better than Bongela

At 3 months my DDs gums were all hard and white where her canines and molars will be, but they haven't come yet - her bottom front and top front came through first and at 15 mo she still only has those .

ElphabaTheGreen Tue 05-Mar-13 20:36:34

Sore bottom goes with thrush as Iggly says. Get someone to check her mouth for white patches?

mummy2lola Tue 05-Mar-13 20:40:08

It's defo not thrush either, as both myself & hv checked her mouth, tongue, saliva etc & no symptoms of thrush- seems like dd is unlucky and has teeth emerging in the wrong order confused sounds painful

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stitchNting Tue 05-Mar-13 21:09:42

If it' any consolation my DD had her bottom two at 4 months followed by what appeared to be her canines. Well, they looked like the canines but the front teeth are so much larger once they come through. So they were actually the ones either side of middle front. We had a Dracula baby for a few weeks. The other teeth have come through without too much bother but those Drac fangs seemed to bother her the most. Our HV was a bit miffed that they hadn't come through "in order"...

We used Calpol and ibuprofen in alternate doses and Ashton and Parsons powder followed with a dog's teething toy! grin

mummy2lola Wed 06-Mar-13 20:09:44

She's 4 months long until they actually come through? I'm just worried ow long she will be in such's making her so upset & I spent 10 mins of my day pulling over in a lay by for a good cry today because I can't stop her screaming, for an hour on end full pelt. Poor dd :-(

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SandyChick Sat 09-Mar-13 23:21:32

My ds's (now 11months) canines came through first at around 5 months. Then bottom front 2 followed by top front 2. He tends to get 2 at the same time.

He is really suffering with teething. Much more than ds 1 ever did. We do the whole bonjela or anbesol, teething powders etc. I find regular ibuprofen & calpol the only thing that makes a difference really tho.

Also food that he can have a good chew on. He loves melon and mango finders from the fridge.

Just before a tooth comes through he won't have a spoon near him so lots of food he can feed himself. He liked the pouches of fruit purée from fridge too.

His canines were by far the worst. He has 2 just about through the gum on the bottom which are really bothering him right now confused.

Mehrida Mon 11-Mar-13 10:22:32

We use Dentinox teething gel. It's the only thing that comes close to relieving DS's pain. None of the other gels or calpols seem to work.

I licked my finger after the first time I put it on him and couldn't feel my tongue for a good few minutes afterwards so it must be strong on a baby!

Oh and his teeth are appearing in a funny order too so don't worry about that.

MrsSmith87 Mon 11-Mar-13 17:02:03

There is a chewable toothbrush that really helps with teething, by a company called brush baby, We got ours in Sainsburys but I think you can get them in boots now, it is a toothbrush/teether but DS really loved chewing on the little rubbery bristles when he was teething, especially the sides and back teeth that he couldn't reach with his other teethers. and can go in the fridge to!

MrsSmith87 Mon 11-Mar-13 17:02:28

There is a chewable toothbrush that really helps with teething, by a company called brush baby, We got ours in Sainsburys but I think you can get them in boots now, it is a toothbrush/teether but DS really loved chewing on the little rubbery bristles when he was teething, especially the sides and back teeth that he couldn't reach with his other teethers. and can go in the fridge to!

SandyChick Tue 12-Mar-13 11:15:50

The toothbrush teether sounds good.
My ds loves to have a good chew on his normal toothbrush after he's had his teeth brushed.

Babyryker Fri 24-Jun-16 02:15:07

It's absolutely possible . My son is 4 months old today and he has his bottom canine teeth coming in. His left side , the top is already out and the right side has just pushed through . He hasn't been too fussy tho so I don't have much advice . I use a little baby orajel and that seems to help . Good luck '

KW89 Sun 26-Jun-16 22:52:46

Both my boys had their canines come through first, and both at around 6 months.

AndreaNoah2016 Sun 30-Apr-17 15:07:16

My little boy is exactly the same as what your saying! He's nearly 5 months but got his first canine at 4 and 1/2 months. His screams are unreal.. I know teething would be badelighted, but thought this is something else. Wasn't sure though as he is my first baby! He gets nurofen, anbesol (which does help for a while) teething gels and powders. The poor boy is just in agony a lot but always trying to smile through it when he can. It's so unusual to get a canine first but there one clear as day on the bottom left, poking out the side of the gum at the minute. He also still has colic so it's been so frustrating and tiring for all off us. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated too!

Sparrowlegs248 Sun 30-Apr-17 15:14:36

Get her a gummee glove if she likes gnawing her first. Poor girl, ds1 has just got top canines and vlbottom ones are starting, he's 22 months! They've been by far the worst.

wetpebbles Sun 30-Apr-17 21:25:20

My teething baby has all the gels and powders too, I find her favourite thing is to gnaw in my arm though. I give calpol if she is very distressed, and lots of cuddles. Poor babies!

SecretNortherner Sun 30-Apr-17 21:36:38

Ambesol is good for gums. You need to buy it from the pharmacy. Also massaging feet. Apparently feet have all these pressure points and since babies feet at tiny you will hit the right spot if that makes sense.
You may find that her gums don't bother her for ages and the teeth sit just under the gum for months.
Once the first teeth come through, it gets easier.

Brittneymichelle Wed 25-Oct-17 16:13:11

So my son has had his bottom canines coming in since he was 3 months old and now he's 6 months and I just noticed his top canines are coming in as well. There his first teeth. They are for sure his teeth not Epstein pearls and definitely not thrush 🤣🤣🤣 nothing has popped through officially yet and I don't know when they will hopefully soon because he's miserable.

rgupta8 Tue 07-Apr-20 14:37:35

Hello Mommy,
My baby's case is exactly similar to your baby. He screams all day and his canines are coming first. No signs of front teeth. He is 4 month old. We try to distract him all day and give him teether, massage his gums but none of these is helping him. He is in lot of discomfort. How long it takes for your baby's teeth to come out? What helped you? Can you please guide?

Thank You.

Pixi5050 Sun 20-Sep-20 17:52:47

Hi saw your post and would like to know how you got through. My boy is also 4 months and seems like his canine teeth is coming first, top and bottom. Hy keeps biting his hands and rubbing his eyes. Hes given me a few teething diapers as well.
He is not interested in teething toys or pacifiers.

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