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Is this normal for a 19 month old?

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Jakeyblueblue Sun 03-Mar-13 09:25:45

Hi all, I've posted about this before but only got a few replies so am trying again. Apologies for repeating myself.
Ds is almost 20 months and struggles with aspects of his eating. First I will say, I have no concerns about his actual diet or amount he's eating, just the textures he's willing to eat.
From weaning, he's disliked certain textures and has a very overactive gag. If he doesn't like something he will gag, similarly if he doesn't like the texture he will gag.
Its not even so much lumps he dislikes but more dry food. He wouldn't eat rice, noodles, pizza, nuggets, sandwiches and even cake! Everything has to be sloppy or covered in gravy or parsley sauce. If its not it seems he can't really manage it. He rarely seems to chew and just swallows it down whole. I know he can chew as he will eat crisps, biscuits, some chunks of fruit. He will also eat toast. If you try to sneak it in he gags. Couldn't so BLW as he gagged on everything.
I don't think he's tongue tied as he can stick his tongue right out and is still bf without problems. There also seems to be no issues with his speech. He can say probably 100 words and is trying new ones all the time. His pronunciation isn't that clear yet but I'm guessing that's normal for his age??
My mum thinks I'm worrying over nothing, she's very experienced and thinks that hrs just a lazy eater and likes what he likes. That's all well and good but wouldn't want to write him off as lazy when he's got a problem that could be solved.
He will eat cottage pie, fish pie, fish pots and veg, casserole, soup, all manner of stew, meat, veg and pots with gravy ( has to be cut up small) sausage and mash with gravy. He will eat fish fingers but has to be cut up in parsley sauce so you get my drift??
Do you think this is normal??

whimsicalmess Sun 03-Mar-13 16:29:46

I think its a funny age and ime, tend to get more picky.

I would keep an eye on it though.

fififrog Sun 03-Mar-13 20:55:52

I don't know about normal but at least he eats an amazing range of food. If he can eat toast and biscuits perhaps he's just fussy in a non-standard way?

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I have a friend whose toddler only eats dry stuff, no sauces at all!

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