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my 2 and half year old dont settle at nights

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leeanne6385 Sun 03-Mar-13 09:08:06

hi me and my dp had my ds in sleep routine we take him to bed at 7 and he would go to sleep but since ten he now stays with his dad every 2 weekends and week in holidays and now when put jim to bed hescreams wanting me and dp to sit in room with him but he sits wide awake i also have 3 other children so it awkward to just sit in room as can take hours b4 he sleeping if i do control crying e screams so bad he just makes himself sick and he screams so loud god knows what my neighbours must think !!! his dad says when he is at his house he goes to sleep no problem and if he wakes up he goes back to sleep no problem but when home he just screams in bed moving around lashing out ?? could it be he confused goung back n forth to his dads n mine iv spoke to health visitor who say it phase but i at wits end

ZuleikaD Sun 03-Mar-13 17:14:05

He needs you to stay with him - he's insecure, unsettled and confused and needs reassurance. Please don't try and force it by doing controlled crying, you'll make him less secure, not more. This needing you won't last forever and I'm sure your other children (are they older?) will understand.

Kiwiinkits Sun 03-Mar-13 19:45:26

Is he having a daytime nap still? If he is, it could be that he is getting enough sleep in the daytime and its time to phase out his nap.

But honestly, it sounds like he is having some separation issues. I agree with Zuleika. He has been through some big changes, why the harsh approach?

leeanne6385 Sun 03-Mar-13 22:03:04

he no longer dleeps during day ans ee been sitting with him for months now but when we in room he stays awake n plays around i try ignore him but he screams till i answer n i no want him waking my one year old up he does have sepperation issues he used to be ok he been going to his dads every 2 weekends for nearly year now should he not be used to it ?? his dad says he is fine at his goes to bed no prob and dont scream so i dont no why he does for me or could his dad be telling a lie ??

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