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What time does your 3 month old go to bed?

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Peanutbutternutter419 Wed 06-Mar-13 07:46:47

Oh sjwh75!!! Poor you! He is one big baby by the sounds of it! My LO is 14lb and i thought that was big!! are very lucky! 12 hours!! And you still have your evenings to yourself.

Well we had a bit of a break through last night. He started to get whingy at about 7.30 so i took him up for a bath at 7.45, took time getting him ready for bed then fed at 8.30, asleep by 9pm! And he still didnt wake for a feed until 1.45am!

another question, do you leave baby in moses/crib and go downstairs with monitor? I am going to bed when LO does as uneasy at leavin him alone?? Am i being OTT?

Sjwh75 Mon 04-Mar-13 21:35:45

I'm struggling to get my 15 week old to do anything longer than 3 hours he's bf and a big boy 18lb 6oz! I haven't had more than 3 hours sleep for ever, iv tried everything dreamfeed, cluster feeding, formula, hungry milk, baby rice sad v tired mummyof2!

Emmaw9 Mon 04-Mar-13 16:18:02

DS is 3 months today, FF. fills up during day has about 33-35oz. Last bottle around 8-9pm then will sleep through until 7-8am. Bern doing this for around 3 weeks with the exception of 3 nights last week where he woke up once a night for another bottle. They go through a growth spurt around this age anyway. I dont wake him up if he is sleeping though.
How lucky you get 12 hours, well done!

mummytopoppy1 Mon 04-Mar-13 12:15:02

My DD is 16 weeks now, but from 10/11 weeks she started to become very tired about 6pm. I feed her after her last nap about 4.30/5 ish, then she has a bath, a quiet play or massage, then when she shows signs of tiredness I give her another feed between 6-6.20. She then is ready for bed between 6.30-6.45, never later than 7. She sleeps through until 6.30/7 the next morning. She's very consistent and doesn't like to stay up late in the evenings.

I used to dream feed her, but she would just get windy and then keep waking up, so I stopped doing it and realised that she just slept through without it!

Peanutbutternutter419 Sun 03-Mar-13 04:41:56

Sorry just noticed all the typos in that post! Think its time to try to go back to sleep! smile

Peanutbutternutter419 Sun 03-Mar-13 04:40:42

Thanks for replies, i have tried to get him up in the mornings and he is just so grumpy for the reat of the day playing catch up on sleep! Lol
I think I may try to bath him in the evenings now though and do a bit of baby massage as havent tried this yet. Bathtumes have been in our morning routine so far!

Just my luck he woke at 1.45 and has just had another feed now, hasnt had this feed for a week or so!

Hope ypu haveny jinxed yourself superbaby!

DessieLou Sun 03-Mar-13 04:06:22

Since we put this routine into place at about 6 weeks dd has slept 7:30-6am with just one feed (usually) which started around 1am & is now about 4am. She also slept through a solid 12 hours twice last week! (she is 13 weeks)
She has a feed 6pm-6:20pm, a bath & massage 6:30pm-7pm then a feed in a dark quiet room til she falls asleep about 7:30pm. The key is to stuff them as much as possible before bed! My friend has just started this routine with her 8week old & he immediately when from 3 night feeds to one.
Unfortunately dd has woken 2 or 3 times the last 4 nights so think we're in another growth spurt!

superbabysmummy Sat 02-Mar-13 23:41:54

DD, FF at 3 mths had a bottle at 6/6.30, bed for 7pm, dream feed at 10pm and slept through to 4 mths we has a little bit of regression but so far only a few days and back on track now... Famous last words! wink

mummy2benji Sat 02-Mar-13 22:49:49

My dd2 is now 18 weeks so a little older than yours, and also formula fed which does make a difference to night-time feeds. But at 3 months she was having a late feed at 10pm ish and I was getting her to bed 11 - 11.30pm. She was then sleeping until 7.30am although she'd make noises from about 6am, but I was able to settle her back down. At around 4 months she started asking for her evening feed earlier, and she is now having her last feed at around 8.30pm, going to bed at 9.30pm (makes life much easier!) and having her morning feed at 7.30am. She still wakes at 6 or earlier and makes some grunty noises but settles when I go to her. Your ds may start bringing his evening feeds forward of his own accord and consequently wake earlier. Equally, if you make him get up earlier for a couple of mornings, if you want to go out, then his daytime feeds may all move forward a bit and bring his bedtime earlier.

Peanutbutternutter419 Sat 02-Mar-13 22:06:53

My 12 wo has been in a routine for about 5 weeks now of tanking up on bm between 7-10pm then going to bed and waking around 1/2 am for feed then sleeps until 6am. For this i am very grateful! Hes an amazing baby!

However, this week he has dropped the cluster feed and just feeds at around 8pm then 10pm and then off the bed. so i was just wondering when this may get a bit earlier as he has started sleeping in until 10/10.30am which is fine but obv makes it difficult to do anything in the morning!

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