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I honestly feel my DS will never talk

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insideleg Thu 28-Feb-13 18:50:58

I would love some advice from anyone who may have experience with speech delay.

My DS is nearly 2 1/2 and has never said a clear word. He was born 2 months early with severe IUGR and was in NICU for 2 months - this had quite an impact on his physical development but he has now caught up with walking/running/ motor skills etc. Not sure how relevant that is but wanted to include it.

He babbles with mainly 'gah' and 'bah' sounds but simply seems unable to experiment with any other sounds.

We are currently waiting for a drop in session with a local SALT and have also tried the following:

Singing LOTS, rhymes songs etc.
Imaginative play - we lead, he leads etc.
Simplified language - one or two words repeated during play
Sign language - we use about 10 signs regularly with him.
Reading a range of books - some with words and a narrative, some pictures without words which we use to make up a story
We talk lots to him, but then consciously leave spaces after talking to allow a response - aim for 10 seconds.
We avoid saying 'say ...'.

The sounds he makes have been the same for well over a year, and he really doesn't seem to be making any improvement. I am really worried. He understands pretty much everything we say, and can recognise so many objects during reading etc.

During his 2 year check up recently (which was a few months late due to an admin error) the health visitor just said 'he'l talk when he is ready'. It wasn't very helpful.

Sorry this is very long but I was wondering if anyone had any experiences like this? I quite honestly cannot imagine a time when I will be able to have a 2 way conversation with him. Any info or advice would be much appreciated

kelda Tue 26-Mar-13 16:50:26

No, it probably wouldn't have been beneficial to start speech therapy earlier for ds, from what the clinic have said. They said that his speech dyspraxia is very difficult to treat and not to expect leaps in progress.

But there are many speech problems which are simpler to treat and curable.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Tue 26-Mar-13 16:52:27

My DH did not talk till around three, three and a half. Then came out with a whole sentence according to MIL. My DS was very similar! Both need shutting up to let others get a word in now!!

blondefriend Wed 27-Mar-13 21:49:07


No real advice here but following post with interest. My DS also had problems at birth (hypoglycaemia, in NICU for 3+ months) followed by feeding and reflux issues. He is now 2.5 years and doesn't speak much at all. Our current words are mama, dada, go (as in ready, steady ...) and a grunting noise (which means Peppa Pig). Like your son he can follow quite detailed instructions and understands a lot but doesn't answer back. He was also delayed physically but seems to have just about caught up now.
We have been under SALT for a year now (from 18 months) but I needed to push and push. Are you still under a pead? We got them to refer us and always get them to push on a regular basis. Without our pead it would have been very difficult, I couldn't even get anyone to see us from SALT when he was 100% tube-fed.
Because of the tube feeding until 10+ months he has never learnt to suck or blow so we have been working on blowing bubbles along with all the other ideas that a previous poster put down.

The most annoying thing for us is that he has used words on one offs and never repeated them. Phrases such as "Yes, please mummy", "thank you", "water please" have all been said and witnessed by others in amazement before mutism strikes again.

Good luck.

insideleg Mon 01-Apr-13 20:35:02

Thank you blueberry, have done some but am sure thee are more we can try. Best of luck to anyone with a DC with speech delay x

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