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20 month old and issues with textured food, help!!

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Jakeyblueblue Sat 23-Feb-13 00:03:21

Hi, ds is almost 20 months and is a happy healthy little boy but I'm a bit worried about some if his eating habits and looking for some advice.
First, let me say I'm not worried about his actual diet. He eats a balanced and varied diet and eats good amounts of all his meals. But he seems to have issues with some food textures. He seems to have to have wet food. It's difficult to explain as he will eat lumps but they have to be smothered in either gravy, parsley sauce or similar, on guessing so they slip down more easily. I cook him cottage pie, fish pie, all manner of stew and casseroles, and either has some kind of fish, pots and veg or meat pots and veg daily. He will eat pasta but it has to be very wet and loves soup, beans and scrambled egg but he wouldnt eat a chip, sandwich or sausage roll for example. He wouldn't even try it and if you do mange to get something dry in, he either spits it or gags. Also I've watched him eating and he rarely chews, prefers to just swallow. I don't think it's that he can't because he will chew chunks of strawberry, toast, biscuits etc. he's always had a sensitive gag and this seems to be the problem when eating new textures.
Has anyone any experience of this? I have always had issues with texture of food and was wondering if you thought I should get him to see the gp? My mum says he's just a lazy eater and I shouldn't worry but I'd hate to think he's got a problem and I'd done nothing.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
His speech is pretty good by the way. He can say between 50 and 100 word, some aren't that clear but I'm guessing this is normal for first words?

Southwest Sat 23-Feb-13 00:10:07

My dc was a similarly 'difficult'' eater
wouldnt eat at all for 12 months, then would only eat dry food and very limited diet.
Rice was pretty much it until 2 it very very slowly got better.

We were referred to paed hospital about it (complicated health stuff and bowel ops in the background) but ended up moving so we never got appt and it just drifted buy the age of three things were much improved but still not like sibs.

Sorry I cant offer much advice just experience

Southwest Sat 23-Feb-13 00:12:19

sorry should add I dont think it can do you any harm to mention it to the GP at least you've flagged it up and they might know something a bit more concrete.

My dc still wont have milk on cereal dont know how they can eat it like that!!

omama Sat 23-Feb-13 15:57:54

Mine's the polar opposite & will eat dry food no problem but completely turned his nose up at anything in a sauce/gravy. Been this way ever since we got to the 'lumpy' stage of weaning & he point blank refused me to spoonfeed him.

He's now 2.5 & still prefers his dry foods but is slowly getting better & will eat creamy chicken, bolognese, savoury mince or beans/spaghetti if he's in the right mood. This is a fairly recent development mind you.

My best advice would be to not stress about it & keep offering him the new foods you would like him to eat alongside a small serving of something you know he likes. We found pie was a good choice - ok not the healthiest but it combines the two textures - pastry that ds loved along with filling that he didnt. Eventually he tried the filling & realised it was nice. Perhaps looking for foods with both textures might be a good way to introduce him. & dont forget they often need to try new foods a gazillon times before they like them!x

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