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6 year old having meltdowns....

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EmmaG1986 Thu 21-Feb-13 21:16:45

My DS who is 6 (7 end off May) and had an almighty screaming, shouting, crying meltdown today, all because he wasn't paying attention and listening whilst we were doing his spellings (told him he had no book as he had wasted my time), it took 50 minutes to complete 6 spellings, normally takes a lot less but tonight however was very different. Lately he has been finding it hard to concentrate, taking ages to get ready for school in the morning even though he's given plenty off time, not listening to me, not always listening to his teacher at school and he's becoming pretty hard work. I also have a toddler so it's becoming too much, he also sometimes gets annoyed with his brother and pushes him instead of saying "excuse me" he also shouts at his younger brother if he's interfering with his game or takes something that belongs to him. I have explained that he needs to talk to his brother instead of using physical force. We do have rules and consequences in this house so I don't know why he's been behaving this way, my husband has been away for nearly 7 weeks too due to his job, so I'm not sure whether this is having an impact on him. Is this normal Behaviour for his age or could there be a deeper issue here?

Thanks in advance

Emma :-)

XBenedict Thu 21-Feb-13 21:20:11

My guess would be your DH being away is having an effect. I only say this as an ex military wife, my DCs definitely found it more and more difficult as time went on with DH away. At 4/5/6 I realised they found it difficult to verbalise what was bothering them and so it came out in behaviour. It's tough for all of you sad

EmmaG1986 Thu 21-Feb-13 21:36:54

Thanks for your reply. It is very hard as my husband has been away a lot and is due to go to Afghanistan in April. My son has also not been sleeping well, forgot to mention that and he looks extremely tired lately. Also my son has a (tic) which he gets when he's tired, anxious or stressed, which started again not long after my husband went away. Is there anything I could do that might help him as you have some experience being an ex-military wife.

Greatful for any feedback.

Emma :-)

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