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What happens in the lead up to their first word?

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Thelittlevoiceinmyhead Thu 21-Feb-13 11:50:22

Ds is nearly 20 months and has no words at all, not even mama.

Hv isnt concerned though and says he is doing well in other areas of communication/emotional development. She will refer at 24 months if there is no progress however.

I am curious though and would like to know if your dc just came out with their first word or if there was some sort of precursor to it.

DS has been babbling the same since he 6 months babababa, gagagaga, dadadad, mamama, diga-diga-diga. Since about 12 months he has also been pointing lots as well as the babbling, saying ah, uh, eh sounds but no words or even the made up words used in context.

chocjunkie Thu 21-Feb-13 12:06:42

have you had his hearing checked? It would talk to HV or GP to get a referral for a hearing test just to rule our any issue with his hearing.

Thelittlevoiceinmyhead Thu 21-Feb-13 12:24:49

She said they would refer do hearing checks at 24 months. Is this not usually what happens?

He follows instructions well when asked but would there be other indicators if he is not hearing 100%?

chocjunkie Thu 21-Feb-13 12:47:19

go to GP and get him referred for hearing test via GP... a hearing test is a very quick thing, why would you want to delay it?? you HV is talking rubbish

that he is able to follow instructions is great but it does not always rule out any issues with the hearing iyswim.

fwiw - DD had a hearing test at 16 months and got grommets at 17 months (severe glue ear and ear infections).

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