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caroline18 Sun 18-Jan-04 13:32:20

Just wanted to know if my dd is starting to talk late or if she has problems? Could anyone give me some advice please and maybe put my mind at rest. Thank you

caroline18 Sun 18-Jan-04 13:33:39

baby is 18 months old

caroline18 Sun 18-Jan-04 13:34:15

baby is 18 months old

caroline18 Sun 18-Jan-04 13:45:15


collision Sun 18-Jan-04 13:52:15

Read the thread about he slow?

All children do things at different ages and I wouldnt worry too much. Is she walking and doing other things? Speak to your HV if you are worried.

alibubbles Sun 18-Jan-04 15:38:34

caroline18, the little one I look after is 21 months and she has 5 words, mummy, daddy, more, down and miaou.

If she understands simple instructions , do you want a drink etc, I wouldn't worry too much.

HiddenSpirit Sun 18-Jan-04 16:45:08

Caroline, know how you feel. Our DD is 4 and only now starting to come out with words (this could be due to the fact her real mother used to leave her in her cot most of the day when she was younger (she only started walking at 2 when she met my DS1). However our DS2 is now 25 months old and only has 3 words, those being ta (for thank you), ta-ta (bye) and daddy. He certainly isn't left in his cot all day (doesn't even have a sleep during the day anymore!). Got the HV coming this thursday about this, so if she gives me any useful advice I shall pass it on to you

Jimjams Sun 18-Jan-04 16:50:57

If she points and is communicating in other ways, and points out things of interest you do not need to worry about speech at 18 months

caroline18 Sun 18-Jan-04 18:12:41

How do i get the help thread please?

caroline18 Sun 18-Jan-04 18:13:09

Thank you all for your advice

Furball Sun 18-Jan-04 20:55:29

The thread is here and there is a similar here

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