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3 mo solid poo, but not constipated

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mummy2lola Sun 10-Feb-13 10:27:44

Hello there,
Just need a bit of advice about 3mo dd's poop ( yes, us mums are obsessed with nappy contents!)
Dd is on sma staydown milk for reflux, which is working a treat, however it did used to make her quite constipated & she used to poop every 2-3 days and it was normal sloppy consistency (sorry tmi)
Lately I've been giving her a few spoonfuls of purée fruit before her morning bottle, hoping this might help with the constipation, & although she now goes every day, her poop is solid like our poop- is this ok?? She seems a lot happier now she's regular & used to get very grumpy when constipated. Any thoughts? Xx

Believeitornot Sun 10-Feb-13 10:29:19

It'll be the solids doing that. She's quite young - have you spoken to the HV/GP about weaning?

Sleepybunny Sun 10-Feb-13 13:53:42

Can you do that? I thought purées were off limits until at least 4 months. Sounds like its working for you though. My DD is also 3 months, can't wait to wean, she's turned into a milk machine recently! Although hoping its just a growth spurt and she'll settle down soon.

mummy2lola Mon 11-Feb-13 05:58:07

Hi there,
Thanks for your replies. The hv recommended early weaning as she thought this might also help the reflux, but instead of that nasty baby rice, I thought I'd go for purée fruit hoping it might help the constipation. I know that the guidelines say 4 months, or 6 months, but if you saw dds face when I get that pink spoon out, you'd know shes ready!!!! She makes little mmmmmm noises!!!!! I don't think it's harmful introducing new flavours, as long as its very watery,nut that's just me- I'm sure there are people. Ou there who think I'm evil for weaning early!!!,

Believeitornot Mon 11-Feb-13 06:51:49

Be careful with some fruits and reflux. Some are acidic and can make things worse. Also there is evidence that early weaning can be harmful.

Is your baby on formula? It could be that that's giving her reflux.

mummy2lola Mon 11-Feb-13 19:30:08

Hi there, dd is formula fed on prescription milk for reflux (sma staydown) and is also on ranitidine and dompeidone for reflux. Luckily normal service has been resumed and no more solid poos. The weaning guidelines change all the time,'from 3 months, 4 months, and now 6 my opinion (and it is only my opinion) if they're taking it and enjoying it, why not introduce new flavours???? My dd smiles, chatters, and opens her little mouth like a hungry bird when she sees her pink spoon :-) xx

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