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19 month old sleep issues

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Cupcakemummy85 Fri 08-Feb-13 02:01:17

Dd is 19 months and I can't seem to get the sleeping thing right at all. Tonight she was so tired and still screamed when I put her to bed then after an hour if being asleep woke up and has been on and off talking to herself since. It's nearly two in the morning and she is still awake talking to herself. This is really winding me up because I know she will b tired tomorrow, I'm pregnant only two days off my due date and I'm so exhausted. I've been trying to read all the good toddler books for advice on how to handle toddlers and their behaviours but I just don't seem to find any answers in those books. I feel like I'm constantly putting posts up because I can't dd, tantrums, sleeping habits, eating etc. I try every day to do something active with her to help her sleep well but tonight it hasn't worked at all. I'm so puzzled!! Tempted to just to do a DVD day tomorrow as I haven't the energy anymore lol

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