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Inappropriate behaviour for a 3 year old?

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pipsqueaky Thu 07-Feb-13 21:14:02

My DS aged 3 likes to, er how can I put this, dry hump his soft toys. I find this a little alarming and it has been going on for over a year. It is embarrassing when he does it in public but I don't want to make a big deal out of it and risk giving him a complex. Does anyone have any experience of this and what did you do?

pipsqueaky Thu 07-Feb-13 21:43:49

oh dear, is he the only one??

Tee2072 Thu 07-Feb-13 21:47:11

Totally normal. Explain he should only do it when alone, otherwise just ignore it.

pipsqueaky Thu 07-Feb-13 21:49:56

that is what we have done, he has been doing in his bed but a couple of days ago reverted to doing it all over the house again!

Lexiesinclair Thu 07-Feb-13 21:50:53

My DD this for about 2 years! I would often find her humping her Winnie the Pooh in the middle of the living room - I kept telling her that it was private and to do it in her room. She seems to have stopped now!

Lexiesinclair Thu 07-Feb-13 21:52:47

OP I would just say 'Go and do that in your room DS - it's private' until he gets the idea.

hairyqueenofscots Thu 07-Feb-13 21:53:54

my daughter prefered cushions :S

pipsqueaky Thu 07-Feb-13 22:00:22

most embarrassing time was when we had builders over to quote for some work and DS got down and dirty in front of them - we just didn't mention it and kept stepping over him

Lexiesinclair Thu 07-Feb-13 22:02:55

Ha! Be sure to video him in action so you can show him when he's 18 won't you Pipsqueaky!

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