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Quick question re having other kids round

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ks Fri 16-Jan-04 18:40:34

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Fri 16-Jan-04 18:44:58

ks, i don't really know as dd is only 2. However, i would tell the childs mother about it.

Angeliz Fri 16-Jan-04 18:45:56

ks, i don't really know as dd is only 2. However, i would tell the childs mother about it. It all sounds perfectly innocent and you'll only worry about it if you don't.

Angeliz Fri 16-Jan-04 18:46:19

oooh sorry, computer beat me

sb34 Fri 16-Jan-04 18:49:13

Message withdrawn

ks Fri 16-Jan-04 18:51:55

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Fri 16-Jan-04 18:53:49

I have all this to look forward to i guess!

tamum Fri 16-Jan-04 18:59:29

I actually wouldn't tell the mother msyelf, I'm afraid it sounds par for the course to me. My dd regularly disrobes when one particular set of friends are round- their mother and I are great friends luckily, and they're always shrieking with laughter, so we know there's something going on. I agree with sb34, go and check when everything is quiet, but otherwise leave them to their own devices by that age (within reason, obviously ) I go in and out, but don't stay with them, but then again from what I've already told you I'm clearly not a shining example of motherly supervision!

How are you, anyway? I posted a quick message to you a few days back when I first noticed you posting again, but unluckily it was on the Kiroy Silk thread, which vanished. Hope you managed to have a good Christmas.

ks Fri 16-Jan-04 19:07:47

Message withdrawn

tamum Fri 16-Jan-04 19:39:21

Oh ks, I'm so sorry to hear that. How incredibly tough on you all. I do hope it's not as bad as it sounds, I can't imagine how you can cope with it on top of everything else.

That's so sweet of you about the video. I was wondering how you were getting on over Christmas.

aloha Fri 16-Jan-04 19:47:33

I think it's normal and I don't think it would bother me if I was the mother of the girl. Some kids seem to be born nudists.

ks Fri 16-Jan-04 19:52:11

Message withdrawn

JanH Fri 16-Jan-04 19:57:06

ks, my kids were quite nudey too when little but I always felt uncomfortable when the company was mixed - no helpful advice really! (But the little girl is likely to tell her mum so if you do too it should pre-empt any wonderings.)

So sorry about your dad - you could all really do with a bit of a break from hospitals etc, couldn't you? What kind is it - how is he - what's the prognosis?

btw I missed the Kilroy-Silk thread *completely* - what on earth was on it???

aloha Fri 16-Jan-04 19:57:07

KS, seriously, at that age I wouldn't bother at all about nudity. Don't let that put you off girls! If they don't listen when you say stop it, say it again, but louder and more crossly or distract them with another, less irritating activity. I would definitely let them play unsupervised too. Just pop your head round regularly, but don't stand over them. What's the point of having friends round if it makes more work?

tamum Fri 16-Jan-04 20:04:34

I guess the Kilroy-Silk thread was pulled because of the racist comments, but it was all a bit puzzling (Jan, it was started by someone condoning his anti-Arab comments, and being, IMHO worse than him). After a while the first post was pulled, but the whole thing has gone, I'm pretty sure. I searched and couldn't find it again.

When I just re-read this I had originally referred to his anti-Aran comments

ks Fri 16-Jan-04 20:22:20

Message withdrawn

ks Fri 16-Jan-04 20:27:21

Message withdrawn

JanH Fri 16-Jan-04 20:32:57

He must have actually had it already while she was ill then? Did he keep quiet about it to save you extra worry? I hope they can give him some time, anyway - is he telling you what they've said at the hospital?

Is this why you were gone so long after Christmas?

ks Fri 16-Jan-04 20:36:17

Message withdrawn

bossykate Fri 16-Jan-04 20:44:13

hi ks

so, so sorry to hear about your father it never rains but it pours, eh?

also, please don't give up mumsnet, i recognise few enough names here as it is! (but i know what you mean, it's got a bit like smoking used to be for me... the ex/smokers might understand...)

i wouldn't worry about the nudey stuff - he's still so young. but i would mention it to the little girl's mother - who knows what garbled version of events she will hear? it's best to just set it straight in the context of innocent high spirits.

do these social events mean you have cracked the godalming mums social scene?

let us know if you might consider a trip back to the smoke...

ps - hope the punctuation in this message is up to scratch - but i doubt it!

JanH Fri 16-Jan-04 20:46:23

I managed to give up Corrie cold turkey but then that isn't half as gripping as MN!

How are you anyway, m'dear? Feeling more cheerful about life, the universe and everything?

WideWebWitch Fri 16-Jan-04 21:33:23

ks, so sorry about your dad. Agree with everyone re friends to tea - my rules for checking on them are the same as sb34's. I also think you should stay on mumsnet of course.

tigermoth Fri 16-Jan-04 21:46:33

ks, there was I thinking you might have gone off sking after christmas.

Really sorry to hear about your father. Someone else I know (my age) is suffering from suspected cancer of the oesophagus, and the doctors are now deciding on the treatment options.

Don't leave us stranded on mumsnet, ks, you will be missed sorely.

As for the problem - tell the girl's mother and sb 34's list is spot on IMO.

And how are the pod people?

Twink Fri 16-Jan-04 22:48:40

KS glad to see you back but obviously sorry to hear news of your dad.

I have one dd who has friends of both sexes who visit and until recently would strip off at the first opportunity. I've decided that I'm perfectly happy for dressing-up stuff without supervision but only if they keep their pants & socks on.

Personally, I couldn't give a toss what they take off BUT as we now have kids around to play whose parents don't stay & I don't really know either, I've decided to have a 'house' rule which applies to dd & all visitors. I would probably have done this anyway but as dh works from home, I feel it even more important to stick to our rules (refer to male nursery nurses thread etc)

The socks bit is not due to a foot fetish but purely because most 4 year olds I meet struggle to do their own socks.

But SB34 has it sorted I think; I remember reading on Mumsnet to never, ever be happy if the house is silent unless you know you're the only person in it..

Marina Fri 16-Jan-04 23:10:38

ks, so very sorry to hear about your dad. I wonder whether thinking about her all the time made him push his own symptoms to the back of his mind. I do hope there is a lot they can do to make him comfortable.
We have a nudist too. Ds greeted a rather surprised Ocado man completely starkers the other week, to my great embarrassment. I'd mention it to the mum, as others have said, but think no more of it...
It's great to have you back. Note correct use of apostrophe.

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