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Still using Infacol for months?

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Shortninbread Wed 30-Jan-13 05:03:12

My DD2 is 3 months and has been on infacol for 2 months. I took her off recently and within 2-3 days she was distressed with fizzy tummy again during the day, waking more frequently during the night not for hunger but trying to pass wind. So she is back on.

I know Simeticone isn't absorbed but wondered if the other ingredients aren't good for her over time.

Any thoughts or experiences much appreciated! How long are people using infacol for?

Snusmumriken Wed 30-Jan-13 13:04:57

We started to 'wean'DS off infacol at about 3 1/2 months.

God luck.

Snusmumriken Wed 30-Jan-13 13:05:50

Good luck.....bloody iPad and fat fingers!

silverangel Wed 30-Jan-13 14:59:16

We used it for 9 months - no will effects with either DT but we werent using it for colic, it helped with their reflux if that makes any difference. I dread to think how much we spent on the stuff!

Shortninbread Sat 09-Feb-13 10:14:56

Thanks both. Just weaned her off it too. 3.5 months and seems ok.

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