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Is he just naturally grumpy...?

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Ellieo Mon 24-Apr-06 10:18:03

10-month-old ds has recently started being really whingey and throwing minor tantrums over the smallest things (eg giving him a spoon to hold/taking a spoon away etc). He just seems to have a really short fuse. He's never been the cheeriest of babies - he's always been quite serious and thoughtful. But now I'm wondering if he's just naturally quite a grumpy baby or if this could be a developmental phase he's going through. He has 6 teeth already and I think has been doing a bit of teething, but this "phase" has been going on for over a week now. Has anybody else experienced this?

Corky Mon 24-Apr-06 22:39:44

Hi, this sounds just like my ds! He is 14 months and I just seemed to be counting the months until he could sit up, crawl, walk etc as he just seemed miserable all the time. He also has tantrums and rolls on the floor kicking and screaming when I won't pick him up as he seems really clingy at the moment. He's jealous of me showing any affection to my 3 year old daughter and husband and really screams when I take something off him he shouldn't have (tends to back arch a lot and end up banging his head somewhere as a result of this!). He seems to be a lot worse when he's teething so he gets nurofen on a regular basis! I've heard boys are a lot more clingy than girls which he is proving to be and I think its just a boy thing! Does he have a sibling that might be frustrating him?

starlover Mon 24-Apr-06 22:42:00

my ds went through this just before he sat up and again before he started crawling.

I think a lot of it is frustration

Hattie05 Mon 24-Apr-06 22:42:37

Ellieo, he is just learning some independence - not grumpy - just normal! He wants to be able to take charge of his life, but obviously can't phsyically or verbally so the result is - throw a tantrum! . Not sure when it ends though

elandjacksmum Wed 24-May-06 11:36:47

Yes, my ds was always naturally more grumpy than dd. I really liked 'secrets of the baby whisperer' by Tracey Hogg. She has a little quiz which helps you categorize your kiddy in a particular way. Prior to ds I had been firmly in the 'nurture not nature' camp. Now I have to concede a bit of both.

The good news is, this book isn't saying 'they're like this, so tough' but, 'they're like this, and once you've identified it you can work with it'. My little one is now 2.2 and complete heaven and hell but I wouldn't have it any other way. He can still be extraordinarily stubborn and angry and seems to know his own mind, but at the same time he's got the best sense of humour is affectionate and smiley. A lot of this was missing before we started responding better to him.

With my ds I had times of thinking I didn't like him very much when he was younger, and that he was always grumpy etc. It's so so so much better now.

It's the same old stuff which worked with him - respond positively (sometimes even over the top-ly)to anything good, ignore anything bad. Specifically with the feeding thing, I seem to remember giving him lots of things he could pick up with his fingers to eat.

Good luck.

suzi2 Wed 24-May-06 21:07:36

Ellieo, my near 10 month old is the same. He's never been an overly cheery baby but he is really strong willed at the moment.

I had assumed that he was just like his dad but it seems like a few people on here have similar babies and it might just be phases etc. I'm just going along with it just now, although it's hard work. I was really hoping he'd be mobile by now as it might help his frustration. But I suspect when he's mobile he'll probably be satisfied for a day or two and then want something else

AllieBongo Wed 24-May-06 21:08:25

sorry, thought this thread was about my husband

tewin Thu 25-May-06 14:57:11

My DS was a MISERABLE baby, grumpy all the time and just no fun to be with at all. It was heartbreaking for me (No:1 baby lover), however, as he turned the age of 2 yrs he turned into the most lovable, delightful and happy liitle soul. Has remained so ever since and now nearing 8! Good luck, it can only get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kutilputil Thu 25-May-06 16:56:06

my ds is comming up to six months and as a newborn he was miserable!even now he is hard to please, he can manage a smile but it is rare to get a chuckle or laughter out of him!but then his grandad is the same and his father is a reserved character as just have to give them lots of love and laughter and let them learn from you, and even if they dont, so what?!all the fingers on our hands arnt equal so why should they be, enjoy their own unique characters!as for tantrums, i feel you have to attend to them, its frustration and it needs comming out and understanding!hope it helps

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