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'perfectionism' - if that's a word! - in dd (nearly 5)

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ASmidgeofMidge Wed 23-Jan-13 18:08:57

Hoping someone can come up with some suggestions! My dd, nearly 5, started school in Sept 12 and is loving it. She seems to be doing well with literacy and numeracy and is settled in terms of friends etc as far as I know. She likes reading, writing and drawing at home too, but increasingly has got very upset if she's noticed 'mistakes' in what she's doing. For example, colouring 'outside the lines' or a letter/number that's not perfectly formed. She seems v distressed (lots of tears) and will want to start whatever she's doing all over again...
I've tried talking to her - and showing her - that things in life aren't perfect, and neither DH nor I 'drill' her or similar-we both think she's amazing just as she is. Any tips on how to manage this? TIA

tacal Wed 23-Jan-13 18:26:36

Hi, sorry no advice from me but I am interested to see what advice you get. My ds is 4 and has a need for certain things to be perfect. Like you I am taking the time to help him realise that things are not always perfect. I feel sad for him when he is distressed about these things.

Blackpuddingbertha Wed 23-Jan-13 19:59:50

We had this from DD when she was 5. Got to the point in the summer holidays where she wouldn't write anything at all unless I drew lines for her so she could make sure her letters were perfect. Nothing I said made a difference. When she went back to school in September I spoke to the teacher and he basically spent time 'making her messy' to get her to relax about it. I'm not sure what he did but she is so much better and now doesn't get upset about mistakes. Try speaking to her teacher as they may be able to help.

ASmidgeofMidge Wed 23-Jan-13 22:28:01

That's a good idea-will have a word with the teacher.

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