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Attempting to break co-sleeping with 2 year old

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IrisGirl Wed 23-Jan-13 21:11:55

yayyy that's fantastic news grin

it all does sort itself out, just keep in mind that there will be the odd night when it doesn't work, illness/out of sorts/etc, you just have to comfort them when that happens and its surprising how easy they then go back into the routine of going to bed and sleeping


PerchanceToDream Tue 22-Jan-13 22:54:23

That's good to hear. Whatever you do, be consistent! It'll pay off.

Cvasu Tue 22-Jan-13 22:51:56

Thanks so much girls! It's encouraging to hear of others who made it through and that its not with out struggles. I've been super emotional on top of being tired! My hubby works on the mines and works away for a week or 2 and then is back for a week. So I've started this without him and I'm making sure he carries it on when he's back! Which is tonight (thank God!)
Last night was the best night yet. Apart from the refusal at bed time with kicking and screaming... He woke up 2 hours later and I let him cry on and off for 20 minutes. It was just an angry cry... He wasn't scared or in pain. I eventually went in and cuddled him and put him in bed. He said NO... But I left straight away and closed his door. He cried for 10 seconds and I heard him go back to bed and he slept until 6am!!!! A miracle!!! He got lots of cuddles and praise this morning!!!! Lets hope he sees a pattern!

PerchanceToDream Tue 22-Jan-13 21:35:15

Oh and a really useful thing we did (and still do, just in case) is properly take it in turns to be on duty with DD through the night. We even swap sides so whoever's closer to the door is the one in charge that night. It just means that the other one can totally switch off - with earplugs/eye mask if needs be. we've found that so much better than us both being on edge every night and when it's your turn you can kind of psych yourself up for it IYSWIM. although I reckon you should probably get away with being off duty completely in your condition.

PerchanceToDream Tue 22-Jan-13 21:31:27

Hang in there. We're just coming out of it the other side with 23 mo DD. The most important thing is that he learns to fall asleep without you in the room. Then when he wakes up in the night he won't immediately look for you. We did the Supernannying thing, like you - putting her back in, back in, back in. It's been truly awful I won't lie, but now she settles herself really well. (I'm gonna have to change my MN name now.)

I have to say you're cutting it fine though - sleep training can take 6 weeks so make sure you don't have any lapses! Good luck. Lots of really helpful advice and sympathy on the sleep board here too.

IrisGirl Tue 22-Jan-13 16:53:45

aww hun, i feel your pain. i had a similar situation with my dd, who was 18 around 20 months at the time, fantastic sleeper etc until she was ill and for ease i slept in the spare room with her......when she was better and the time came to put her back in the cot, all hell broke loose!!

i am pleased to say, that after a lot of perseverance, and tears from the both of us, she is now back to sleeping in her cot, all night!!

it is hard, and i couldn't bear to hear her crying and screaming, so i would go into see her literally every 5 minutes to give her a quick cuddle to let her know she was not alone, but i refused to take her out of the cot...

hang on in there, now you've started it, it does get easier and the pair of you will have much better sleep for it grin xx

Cvasu Tue 22-Jan-13 16:09:58

I'm determined! My son is 2.4 yo and has slept with hubby and I for about a year now. Before that he slept fine in his cot and through the night until February last year he was really sick and my hubby was away at work. I let him in with me... And he's been there ever since. Practically sleeping on top of me, feet in back, touching my face and stealing my pillow!

I'm due in 8 weeks and I've decided enough is enough. No way will I manage with 2 in my room, especially when hubby works away often!

I'm determined! Tonight is night number 4 of continually taking him back to his own room. First night was horrible. Waking and coming to me 6 times and not wanting to go back. Second night only 3 times and not refusing to go back... But making me sit there until he was asleep. Night number 3 was 5 times every 2 hours! And tonight... I decided I'm not letting him tell me to sit there until he sleeps. I'm the one that calls the shots. Trying controlled crying for the first time. Not so pleasant... But it seems to be working! I'm determined!!!!
Please someone tell me it worked for them...

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