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Is my 8yr old hyperactive or just normal? Could he have adhd or could it be diet related?

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Alisonjayjay Tue 22-Jan-13 12:10:21

I realise I should speak to our gp about this but just wanted some opinions.
My 8 year old son can I put it?...driving me up the wall.
He has always been full of beans and a bit hyper and full of energy etc and he has little quirks and personality traits which I have always just thought 'well that's just the way he is'. I've always said he has a very unique personality and certain things that you would expect other kids to like, he doesn't.
I mean I love the boy to bits and nothing will ever change that but he really tests my patience sometimes. I am a very calm, laid back person so it takes a lot to annoy me to be honest...and if he is being a little crazy jumping around then I have always just though he was being a normal child but recently I've begun to wonder if its something more than that.
Let me give you an idea of who he is. He never sits still. He is very smart, always talking, asking questions etc. He will be very polite in company but this may be because he is nervous of new people and holds himself back a lot. He will openly chat to people and like to tell them about himself but he hates big groups of people. A birthday party would be his idea of a nightmare. He hates loud music and anywhere that is enclosed and prefers space outdoors to run around. If its cold outside and he's indoors watching tv he still doesn't sit still. He has to be standing in the middle of the floor or rolling around, scooting up and down on his scooter etc and then he starts being cheeky, saying bad words and laughing or squealing shouting and just being really silly and messing around and ends up being told off or sent to his room. Later in the evening when his Dad come home he is even worse as he ends up thumping around upstairs jumping from the bed, rolling off the bed, bashing into radiators or knocking things over waking up his baby brother and with his Dad probably being a bit more strict than me he argues back and then ends up having things taken off of him and being sent to bed early. There are times when he will sit still but they are rare! I rarely see him sitting on the couch unless he is tired or unwell. Even when he has been told off a million times he still continues to do what he is doing and says 'I can't help it'
I know he finds it hard to concentrate for a long time and I struggle with him every night to get him to pay attention and do his homework.
His teachers have always commented on how easily distracted he is and how even though he is capable of doing his school work, he struggles to finish tasks. He has always been this way but I have always just thought it was his normal personality. I know that recently he has got into trouble in school messing around and being stupid with a bunch of his classmates. I have thought maybe he is having too much sugar, or maybe its something in his diet which is causing this hyperactivity. Does anyone have any advice?

Sabriel Tue 22-Jan-13 18:39:24

Has he always been like this, or is it since his brother was born? Have you spoken to the SENCO? What strategies does school have in place?

First step is see GP, tell them what you've said here and ask for a referral.

Titsalinabumsquash Tue 22-Jan-13 18:42:49

You could be describing my 8 year old son and I've always wondered the same.

Timetoask Tue 22-Jan-13 18:48:03

If you are worried about it, I would call your local CAHMS for an assessment. I did that for my DS (who has other special needs as well), they were lbrilliant and took it very seriously.
It may be nothin, but I always think it is best to act on our instincts.

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