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3.5 yo angel turning into a little devil...

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ALB09 Mon 21-Jan-13 20:20:26

My son has always been really well behaved and never really lost his cool. More recently he is losing it on a regular basis, getting agro towards people around him including his little brother (16 months) and close family. My question is advice on what tactics worked for you and potential causes? I have tried the talk him through it approach which he got even more annoyed and just starts lobbing stuff across the room. Also tried ignoring it, which seems to have a better result but I feel really guilty for not taking an interest in why hes upset. Cold mother /emo/te/1.gif Do you think this is a change in hormones which he is coming to terms with? Love to hear what others have experienced. Thanks!

chunops Mon 21-Jan-13 22:28:55

Start playing with him,then get around to asking him why he is acting like he does,sometimes children act like this and don't really know why,but don't give up be patient he is probably going through the terrible 3s.

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