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very angry 7 yr old.....

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bubblesbon Mon 21-Jan-13 19:41:29

My daughter seems to have had a personality transplant recently and her behaviour is just getting beyond!!
Up until the last few weeks everything was fine,usual amount of tears and tantrums,but now every day seems to begin and end with this appalling screaming and shouting[from her!] Anything will set her off and nothing calms her down.
She is pretty bright for her age,very active has lots of friends.She has a lot of attention from me,her dad,lots of close family so nothing really to bother her.There has been no major upset or event happened. I just dont know what to do.
I've never been on here before but feel a bit desperate to be honest!
I love her to bits but i cant seem to get on with her at all at the moment.Perversly all she every stutters though the tears is 'i want mummy'!!
Which is so fustrating because she is with me most of the time! She is cross so much of the time,it's exhausting.
Any advice or simular probs anyone?

chunops Tue 22-Jan-13 18:37:01

Is your daughter being bullied at school or has someone made a nasty remark to her saying you are not her mummy hope all gets sorted soon I would like to know if she starts to settle again

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