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13mo kicks and screams at naptime - help!

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KoalaTale Mon 21-Jan-13 13:50:27

Dd has never been a great napper other than when out in the buggy, however we had quite a good routine until 12mo - I would close the curtains, put on a lullabies cd and sing and rock her to sleep before placing her in the cot.

For the past few weeks though everytime I start to rock her she screams, kicks and thrashes around in ny arms, to the point I can't hold her and she crawls off and plays. Fair enough if she wants to stop the morning nap, but this is after lunch too, so she's been awake over six hours at this point! I've tried other times, such as 11am etc but she fights the nap whatever I do. She's trying to walk and talk at the moment so will she improve once she's mastered those? She does eventually nap after lunch, after a fifteen minute or more battle with me trying to rock/hold her, she does 1h30m with a brief wake in the middle where I have to rock her back to sleep. Help!!

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