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Any experience of weaning a 6 month old from breastfeeding?

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Queenside Mon 21-Jan-13 09:14:23

I need advice about how to wean my daughter on to bottles.

It's really really important to me that i can do it in a way that doesn't upset her. Does anybody have experience of weaning at this age? Was your baby upset?

Another issue is that when she takes a bottle she only takes 2/3 oz at a time. Is this likely to increase?

I have medical reasons for weaning so please no lecture!

Beatrixpotty Mon 21-Jan-13 10:16:52

stopped bf both mine at 6-7 m to co-incide with weaning and definitely think anyone who breast feeds for 6m has done really well so no judgement here!I think I started giving them 1 bottle per day instead of a daytime feed..think the first one was 3/4pm.The first couple of times I got someone else to do it,either DH or a visiting grandparent.This was so they wouldn't have a choice of breast or bottle,also meant that I didn't have to hear them distressed,but they were both ok.After a couple of days like this,I then gave them the bottle myself.I carried on like this ,weaning as well and substituting lunchtime milk with a meal and water in a bottle or beaker until it was just the night time feed left and then switched to bottle as well.Babies tend to drink bigger volumes of formula than breast milk so once you have switched over you'll probably find she drinks bigger volumes from the bottle.I didn't find the whole thing too bad,doing it at 6m might be easier for them anyway.Good luck

Queenside Mon 21-Jan-13 12:41:01

Thank you for your reply. The nighttime feed is the one that I'm most concerned about dropping because its the only one she's really enthusiastic about if you know what I mean. Did you ever have any occasions after you had stopped when they were trying to nurse. I think I would find that a bit sad.

Beatrixpotty Mon 21-Jan-13 12:48:48

I was a bit sad that they didn't try to actually and seemed to prefer the bottle!But it made me feel happier about stopping as I can see it would be distressing.Perhaps co-incidentally DC1 became a thumb sucker at about this age and DC2 became very attached to a particular toy and sucked that.I never used dummies with them but the sucking thing seems to give them comfort so they will find something.

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