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Dd1 started crying in pain - strange and worrying

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Ghostie Mon 21-Jan-13 09:05:34

Dd1 is 2 1/2 and dd2 is 4 weeks. Dd 1 has been totally amazing she is really bright and grown up, so has understood what's happening and she's s real mother hen, so loves helping with dd2. But it's been an iverwhelming time, new baby, Christmas, grandparents over from Oz etc. Last few days she has gone into melt down a couple if tines breathing funny sweating and claiming he tummy hurts. Last night she couldn't sleep and ended up in bed.

I think this maybe reality setting in and some of her anxieties coming out about sharing us. She says her tummy hurts, but I wonder if this is cos we talk about that with dd2, when she has wind? She is a bit constipated I think and holding it in - again anxious/over excited in equal measure? hmm

LesbianMum Tue 22-Jan-13 02:38:20

My little boy had a hernia. He would scream, shake and sweat (really distressing to see) and then suddenly be fine again. We had to be very insistent with medical people whose suggestions included "Maybe he's hungry" and "A baby's cry always sounds worse to its mother than it actually is". Eventually he had a minor operation and has been fine since.

Might be worth reading about hernias in girls to see if the symptoms fit. Good luck and sorry she's unwell.

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