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Teething or something worse?

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PerchanceToDream Sun 20-Jan-13 23:06:39

Poor 23mo DD. She's in a right state. We put it down to teething and she's had four days and three horrendous nights of it now. She's only managing to sleep for up to two hours at a time without waking up crying.

She just has the last 4 molars left to come. I've managed to have a gentle poke around and I can feel her gums are swollen but she's complaining of a sore neck - I wonder if she means throat. (Don't worry - I'm checking for rashes). She has a raging temp on and off which we're treating with alternating Calpol/Nurofen but she is an utter misery. She's barely eaten anything but is screaming for water in the night. Tonsillitis? Typically, we're snowed in tomorrow - there's no way I can get her out of the house but I think I'll call the docs and see if she might need anti-bios.

Where your DCs last teeth cutting this bad? It breaks my heart to see her suffer. sad

MrsMushroom Tue 22-Jan-13 14:08:24

You need to see a doctor asap. She could have an ear infection or something else tht needs urgent treatment. Call the drs and get her t see him or her asap

BeaWheesht Tue 22-Jan-13 14:15:44

Oh she definitely needs seen. Hope she's ok.

Ps I presume you referred to rash because of meningitis an whilst its unlikely to be that IMO please please don't ever wait for a rash to appear - it is a final sign because it is a sign of meningitis turning into septicaemia and thus has a much worse survival rate.

PerchanceToDream Tue 22-Jan-13 21:48:56

Thanks ladies. Can you believe it - next day, almost 100% recovery. We were even contemplating sledging her to the docs. Seriously. TWO bowls of porridge, an apple and a bowl of ice cream for breakfast after not eating anything for days. Temp back to normal. No rash. God, she had me worried for a bit. confused

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