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11 month old not sitting or moving

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Beanypip Sun 20-Jan-13 18:02:54

My DD is 11 months on thursday and still cant sit up or move around. If shes on the floor she can wiggle and get her head where her feet were etc but cant roll all the way over or crawl etc. the lack of moving hasnt bothered me until now i just thought it was pretty good that i could leave her on the floor for a few min and know she would still be there when i got back in the room nice and safe.

But the sitting has been a worry for a few months she sees a physio and im always on the floor with her but its like she just doesnt want to sit. She doesnt fall forward anymore just backwards once she realises shes sat unaided she just straightens up and then she falls backwards. We are now seeing a team of people who work with disabled children and children with special needs to see if they can help her. We go to groups and she watches all the other babies sit and move but doesnt seem to want to do it.

The physio and doctors seem confused as to what, if anything, is wrong with her. When she was born she had phunomia and was in SCBU for 3 weeks where she refused to drink milk. She had a chromasome test and a brain test which both came back normal so we know its nothing to do with that. I have scheuermanns disease which is a back condition so i think im panicing more than anyone else would even though i know the condition cannot be passed on. I hope its just laziness and she will get the hang of it soon but i cant help but panic.

Has anyone elses baby took a while to sit up etc? And was they ok? Can anyone suggest anything that it might be or anyway we can help her?

Shes a very sweet little girl whos bright in herself. She can clap, hold her bottle and feed herself and can say some words and looks for thrown things and the cat etc can copy clapping and waving and blowing raspberrys etc so we know her fine skills are ok.

Sorry for the long post! Thanks for reading and any suggestions will be greatfully received! X

Practicallyperfectnot Sun 20-Jan-13 20:13:13

Do look at as children with Hypermobility can be delayed with their motor development. Search Hypermobility at mumsnet too. Are you Hypermobile perhaps as kyphosis can be part of this. Your physio may or not be aware of Hypermobility. My Hypermobile son was delayed with walking but you couldn't tell that now.

Beanypip Tue 22-Jan-13 21:48:56

I'm not hyper mobile neither is DH ( he has arthritis) so I don't think she can be but it was worth reading thank you. The physio is coming on Thursday so I'm going to ask her if she thinks there's anything wrong. It just gets me down seeing babies months younger who are standing crawling while she just lies there laughing at herself. Guess its a case of try try and try again hmm

Practicallyperfectnot Wed 23-Jan-13 09:52:27

Mum and toddler groups can be soooo competitive re development of teeth. Hair , sitting/standing/walking, everything really. I took comfort from my mother's opinion that as grown ups, we don't know who did what when re milestones! My son was last with everything but you couldn't tell that now. Arthritis can develop from Hypermobility. Phaps ask physio to check the range movement in her joints? Maybe ask physio to advise how to lift her seeing you both have joint issues ? My son did not feel springy when lifting him so I needed physio - although I'm Hypermobile - to help me lift him. Glad your dd has physio. I'm sure she will stand etc when she can.

MrsMushroom Thu 24-Jan-13 07:58:20

I know you dont want people giving you mindless platitudes but my friends baby was like this and she's fine....she's 8 now and no problems whatsoever. I clearly remember my DD was sittting and there was weeks between them and this was just before their 1st birthdays....have you been over to special needs on MN? Just because there are some very knowledgable posters there who will be able to suggest all kinds of things.

Beanypip Thu 24-Jan-13 20:54:11

I spoke to the physio today and she said she doesn't think there's anything wrong with her just that she's very weary and almost scared to try new things. We see the neonatal consultant on the 14th feb so I'm going to see what he says. I wonder what I can do to help her get over this fear if that is what it is. Thank you both for replying x

MrsMushroom Fri 25-Jan-13 10:29:56

Oh that sounds encouraging ....I hope you feel less stressed.

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