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3 year old started wetting himself during day.

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Jamjimer Sun 20-Jan-13 17:11:59

Help I'm at the end of my patience. My 3 year old has started wetting himself during the day. Maybe 3/4 times. He stays dry at nursery and has no issues using the toilet there but once at home he pees where he's at. I'm remaining calm and not shouting but I feel like screaming as I think it's down to laziness. He's never been dry at night either no matter what we try ie cutting out drinks after 6pm, going to the toilet before bed etc. Has anyone any suggestions on what's triggering this as my eldest was dry day and night by 2 1/2.

jkklpu Sun 20-Jan-13 17:24:32

Kids are all different when it comes to getting them out of nappies. My ds1 was, by the sound of it, like your dc1, but dc2 tool much, much longer and was out of night-time nappies only at 4.5. Can you talk to him about it at a time when he hasn't just wet himself, his blood sugar is high and he's happy. Maybe he is totally absorbed in his playing? Maybe he can't be bothered? Maybe you need to go back to asking him every 15 mins if he needs the loo? Could there be anything about the bathroom at home he doesn't like, eg he can't reach the light switch or he thinks there's a funny smell? Any monster fears? Tbh, I'd stop worrying about the dry at night thing and try to concentrate on whether there are any issues relating to the day-time.

Jamjimer Sun 20-Jan-13 19:16:47

Thanks jkklpu, I have totally transformed the bathroom so that everything is assessable for him. The light is always on, he has a seat and a step for the toilet. Ive never pressured him or made a big issue out his accidents and im starting to think maybe I should.

lorisparkle Sun 20-Jan-13 20:49:46

with mine DS the only thing that reduced the wet pants was rewarding dry pants at specific times during the day. mine got stars on the chart which they exchanged for a treat. nighttime wetting us not considered a problem until they are at least 7 and occasional day time accidents are not uncommon when they are at school. all children are different.

addictedtolatte Sun 20-Jan-13 20:59:46

Agree with loris. Gentle reminders don't hurt either. I reckon the night time dryness just happens naturally as did with my ds good luck and look forward to the next phase hmm

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