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When do tricky babies get easier?!!

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DuckWaddle Sat 19-Jan-13 14:13:07

My dd is now 4 months. She's always Bren Hugh maintenance requiring constant bouncing (and only the right bounce will do!!) etc etc.her default is to cry so I get about five muns with each activity before she starts getting grouchy again!!everyone said they get easier at 6 weeks then 3 months. I'm at my wits end and we've zipped past the6 week three month milestone!!! I feel like this will never end and I'll have a 12 yo who demands constant jiggling, dangling of toys etc. I'm going bonkers and by the end of the day feel so tense I find it hard to sleep.she used to sleep well but has started waking throughout the night. Does anyone else have a baby like this? I feel like the only one. I look on in wonderment at others chilled babies who will happily lie/sit for longer than a min.

mewkins Fri 25-Jan-13 21:43:51

Lots of us with little spirited children- can you imagine if they were all in the same room together?!
Dd now 2.5 and always like this. I don't think she liked being a baby and was constantly frustrated at not being able to move, play with what she wanted etc. She was first of our group to crawl, walk etc and at each step has seemed happier to gain more independence. You should hopefully find things easier when yours starts to move.

On the plus side she is great fun, creative, has an amazing vocabulary and a huge imagination. Also very independent (just started pre-school and hasn't batted an eyelid that I'm leaving her there). She is still full-on (either hysterically happy or in floods of tears) but fairly easy to calm down now. Being able to communicate really helps as does a really strict sleep routine. Sleep makes a massive difference.
Good luck!!

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