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Growing pains, night terrors? DD's crazy kicking / running in her sleep...

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peacefuleasyfeeling Sat 19-Jan-13 12:04:20

My DD (2.8) has recently started sort of half-waking fairly frequently (every hour or two) and kicking her legs like there's no tomorrow, while whimpering and talking (incoherently) in her sleep, appearing distressed. She also does an odd "leg-scraping" thing at this time, raising left foot over right knee and sort of scraping it down the shin of the right leg, then alternating, on and on and on. She isn't properly awake, so it isn't possible to verbally soothe her, and she doesn't want to be touched or held. What is going on? How can I help?
She doesn't like sleeping under a duvet, however lightweight (I usually put something featherlight over her if I notice the covers are off), so I initially suspected she might be waking from the cold, but having tried a few things it doesn't seem to make a difference. Could it be growing pains? Night terrors? I've even checked for threadworms, but that's not it either.
Has anyone else come across this? I'd be grateful for you insights.

peacefuleasyfeeling Sat 19-Jan-13 12:05:54

I should say that we cosleep so I do have a ringside berth...

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