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Twins Starting Nursery Today

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Tinks30 Tue 15-Jan-13 06:46:02

Oh crappity crap crap!
After an awful nights sleep (both me and my ID twin girls) I have to get them up soon for their first full day of nursery blush
I'm really bricking it. I was fine during their settling in sessions but now I'm sick with worry; am I doing the right thing? Will they be ok? Will the nursery staff look after my precious babies? Will they eat ok? Will they hate me for leaving them? I have to go back to work but luckily only part time but I need some time away for my own sanity.
How did everyone else and their precious bundles cope? Am I getting over anxious for no reason? Xxx

buttercrumble Tue 15-Jan-13 06:54:34

Dont worry i remember it well, i went through all the same feelings as you. As .
a mum of twins you really need a bit of you time. The kids will be fine, and you will feel better having a bit of time to yourself, to have coffeee with a friend or catch up with stuff at home. My twins are 18 now and looking to start uni, the time has flown by. Its natural to feel worried, im sure it will be fine....

notcitrus Tue 15-Jan-13 07:28:33

Totally normal! Dd starts today and I feel the same - despite ds having been at same nursery for 3 years, I know all the staff, she's played there before, etc!

She suddenly seems so small, despite being heavy to heft about. Sniff...

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