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Help 4 1/2 year old will not sleep in her own bed!!

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1974mummy Sat 05-Jan-13 07:19:09

I have a dd 4 1/2 and a 4 week old baby.
Eldest dd for the past 2 months has been waking up approx 3 in the morning and coming into out bed. She refuses to go back to her bed and is now really effecting her behaviour in the day.
Since we gave had the baby she is also becoming a totally nightmare to actually get her to sleep at night. If I take her to bed she screams saying she wants her dad!
Over the last week or so her behaviour has become so bad, being rude and sulking when she hasn't hit get own way. I know some of this behaviour will be because of the new baby but I'm sure it also partly due to get not having a good nights sleep.
Would be grateful if anyone had any ideas/ tips to use

Thanks xx

nellieloula Sat 05-Jan-13 08:59:30

Morning. I had this with my DS. I think 4 is a tricky age for kids as they start getting more grown up - both mine had big wobbles in the year before they went to school...and especially around sleeping. We tried everything but all ended up exhausted. To be honest, we eventually gave in and let our DS come into our bed as we thought he would at least get some sleep that way, we (and the baby) would be disturbed less and he clearly needed us a bit was pretty hellish but it did stop. He's 7 now and regularly does 12 hour stretches and always falls asleep within 5 mins of lights out! So this is just to say I feel for you and that this won't last. I know it feels like torture, esp with a newbie to contend with too.

The daytime behaviour is much easier to address - we were quite firm and used lots of reward charts which really worked. Also one on one time and out of the house treats helped a lot too.

I know that this isnt the most helpful post you'll get - just wanted to pass on some support! Good luck.

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