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sleep regression after timezone shift

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thehumanegg Fri 04-Jan-13 12:55:41

We took our 5 month DD on a trip to the states over christmas - so -5hr time change as well as a lot of further big trips by car so bedtime routine was all over the place. Usually we put her down to sleep at around 6-7pm, and since 4 months she went from waking every 3 hrs to only around 11pm and 3pm which was great. The night before the flight she slept through 11pm till 6am for the first time!
So now we've been back almost a week, I expected it to take a while before her sleep times adjust but what's bothering me is how unsettled she is now- when I put her down (at a later time as she's still shifted slightly) she's waking up for comfort every half hour till about midnight (previously she'd only wake with hunger), then waking every 2-3hrs for feeds like she was doing a couple of months ago. We're waking her about 1 hour after her old wakeup time to try and get things shifted back to her normal pattern.
I'm not sure whether this is just to do with the time change, or also that she's less settled generally as a result of all the traveling about, or if it's unrelated and she's about to pop a few teeth (though been predicting that one for months).
Anyone else have experiences like this? I feel like we've broken her sleep! Any advice appreciated.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 04-Jan-13 13:24:26

Not had any experience but can sympathise. As for tips, try googling askdrsears 31 ways to get your baby to sleep and askdrsears 12 alternatives.

What are her feeds like in the day? Do, you think she may be taking her calories at night instead of the day? What time is she getting up and how often is she feeding during the day?

Have you tried taking her out when it gets light and then at least once more before dark? It should help to reset her body clock.

Is she showing any signs of pain or discomfort! Do you think it may be her ears?

thehumanegg Fri 04-Jan-13 19:22:51

Thanks Jilted, some good practical tips there in the Dr Sears page, for daytime naps too which have always been tricky.
Re feeds and getting up time, apart from today her feeds have been good during the day - 5- 6 decent (bottle) feeds during the day. Today she got up at 8.30am, though would have been 7am or so pre jetlag. Will be trying to shift that to earlier tomorrow. I put her down at 6.30pm today anyway as she was having a meltdown and seemed knackered.
Apart from rampant chewing and dribbling that have been there a while no signs of pain - she drifts off as soon as I pick her up so hopefully no ear infection. She seems particularly happy and settled through the day too atm.
I do think you're right that I should take her out more in the day, I've been doing an hour or so in the middle of the day but and extra outing sounds a good plan.
Hopefully it's just a body clock thing - previous to this trip she's always been surprisingly ok at self settling during the night which I'm thankful for as she's all go during the day. She resists naps unless slings etc are involved, when she'll stretch to a 40min one. I might go a bit loony with out the 7pm wine respite.
And she's off again, 2nd waking so far tonight...

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