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6mo growth spurt. What the HELL?!!

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mamaCam Fri 04-Jan-13 22:37:37

hmmmmm... interesting point schro. I think if it was teething she'd be chewing not sucking tho, right?

and she's definately sucking

MolotovCocktail Fri 04-Jan-13 09:49:31

Could 2012 have been the year of the Baby Food Monster? grin wink

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 04-Jan-13 01:01:11

You have my DS' twin. Grrrrr.

Funnily e nought he seems better when I'm not around. When I am whinge whinge whinge.....

SchroSawMargeryDaw Fri 04-Jan-13 00:59:26

Are you sure it's not teething and she is chewing/trying to eat everything in sight to comfort her gums?

mamaCam Fri 04-Jan-13 00:51:28

molotov I've found that when I try to take her off (DD is bf) she refuses to sleep. either eats her bed sheets or tries to eat anything that comes new ar to her face.

once she does sleep she's waking up every couple of hours

MolotovCocktail Thu 03-Jan-13 22:03:02

I'm very interested in your thread, mamaCam as my 8.5mo will eat, eat, EAT. I tried curtailing it, but all I got was a night-waking and very whiney baby. She eats every couple of hours or so, too. Her milk is formula and she will munch pretty much anything I give to her

(She is lovely and squadgey ad a result!)

mamaCam Thu 03-Jan-13 20:04:33

I've been in a continuous cycle of feeding and winding since 6pm (2 hours and counting) at what point do I cut DD off?

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