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Broken night's sleep with a 3 year old

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FireOverBabylon Wed 02-Jan-13 11:19:23

Help, we need to know if this is some developmental thing to do with DS becoming aware of the world being less certain than he thought, or us being PFB.

In the past month we've started having issues with DS not going off to sleep on his own, although he used to. now we have to sit quietly by his bed until he nods off or he just keeps coming downstairs, we pick him up, talk to him, talk less, stop talking to him and just put him into bed, for 2 hours. We also have issues with him waking up in the night and wanting his dad to sit with him until he goes back off to sleep.

He had chicken pox about a month ago, so was up in the night feeling unwell, and hungry because he hadn't eaten in the day. He's now better but the unsettled sleep isn't. DH tends to get up with him, as he's closest to the door when DS walks in, but he's getting hacked off with the unsettled sleep and won't swap sides in bed so I'm nearer the door.

I think DH is hoping that DS will just get over this blip and settle himself off to sleep when he goest obed, and sleep through overnight again. Both DH and I shared a room with a sibling at Ds' age, so we don't know if this is a standard "I don't want to be on my own" thing, which we didn't get because we didn't sleep alone, or whether it's just DS trying it on to get more comfort and attention at night.

All 3 of us are knackered with this, can anyone shrare their experiences on 3 years olds sleeping?

AngelDog Wed 02-Jan-13 20:41:47

Dunno - my just 3 y.o. has never routinely slept through & needs one of us there for him to get to sleep. He co-slept with me till the arrival of DS2; now he co-sleeps with DH, who has to give cuddles in the night to get him back to sleep.

Could you try a ready bed or mattress on your floor so he can come & sleep on there without disturbing you?

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