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25 month old speech problem??

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hbull Wed 26-Dec-12 23:01:11

hi everyone, i'm new to this so please forgive any mistakes grin

my dd is 25 months old and although she is speaking as such, i just feel in my gut that she has an issue with speech. the words she says are:

bye bye
no way
oh oh (when she drops something)
there it is
there you are
oh wow....

there it is, there you are are not very clear words but you can understand perfectly what she is saying from the tone she uses. she used to say all gone but now only says gone.

she understands perfectly what i am saying, if i tell her to go get her shoes and put them on she will, if she is looking for something and i say "under the table" she will look under the table.

i have no worries with her on any other score at all, she can undress and is getting pretty good at dressing herself with a little help; she is very socialable and has a lot of little friends who we frequently visit and play with. she's also with a very experienced childminder 3 days a week when i am in work, along with two other children of similar ages so she is socialising pretty much every day, and i have discussed her speech with the childminder and she has told me not to worry and that she is doing ok, the same as everyone else.

i took her to the doctors last week to discuss my concerns but was told that she was on track and i really shouldn't worry.

if i ask her to point to any body part, she will, if i point to the body part and ask her what it is i'm greeted with silence. she gets her point across very well with gestures and her limited speech.

i know i have been told not to worry but something in my gut is telling me she has some sort of delay/issue with speech. i have watched her mouth when she is talking and i know it sounds daft but her tongue and her mouth just seem to make a funny shape when she is talking, and i'm wondering if she is just having trouble with putting her tongue in the right place if that makes sense?

sorry for the long explanation, all answers/advice gratefully received smile


McBobby Wed 26-Dec-12 23:12:04

Has she had her two year check up yet? Not sure if this is region-dependent but your HV may be the best person to speak to if you're concerned.

Remember, all children develop differently. But if you are concerned do some research and ask for help/reassurance.

noseynoonoo Thu 27-Dec-12 00:12:48

I don't think we have a 2 year check around my way so it might not be available for you.

I don't think that your daughter sounds unusual. My children were bot very late speech developers and are now extremely talkative and people often comment on how articulate they are so I don't think you need to worry (although as a mum you will). You'll probably find that suddenly she will just 'get it'.

spottywelly Thu 27-Dec-12 01:55:54

My DD was just the same at that age, and I had the same concerns. She didn't even say 'mama' until she was over 20 months, which was way behind all her peers.

At her 2 year check, the HV said that as long as they have 5 words (or signs) at 24 months, they likely would not get a speech therapy referral until they were 3.5 because there is such a wide range of normal speech development and some kids just take a bit longer than others.

She is now almost 30 months, and I genuinely can't believe how far she's come in the last 6 months. She now speaks fairly clearly in sometimes very complex sentences. She still struggles more with pronunciation than other kids her age (certain sounds particularly), but in other areas seems to have caught up to her friends perfectly - some who were talking in sentences at 18 months!

Something that really seemed to help her is to get her to watch my mouth while I am saying words so she can imitate the shapes I'm making. If she really mispronounces a word, I repeat it for her and tell her to look at my mouth, and when she repeats it a second time, it's normally closer to being right.

Other than that, just try to relax. I know it's hard to do, but she's still so young, and some kids are just slow talkers. Plus at this age they can change so much in such a short time.

IrisGirl Thu 03-Jan-13 23:43:47

thank you guys for your lovely always, my daughter appears to be making me out to be a big fat fibber and has been coming out with quite a few new words over the last few days [big grin]


IrisGirl Thu 03-Jan-13 23:44:17

ooooops grin lol

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