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Dropping all naps at 17 months??!

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monkeynumberthree Sat 05-Jan-13 07:23:13

DD1 dropped her nap at 18months (helpfully just before DD2 was born a few weeks later) confused

DD2 dropped her nap at 9months but finally started sleeping through at night. shock

HV said it was fine as long as she was sleeping well at night. She was generally a bit grumpy by bedtime so we had 'quiet time' every afternoon where we just sat on the sofa for an hour and cuddled up to read books. She will nap on a very long car journey or if she's ill but that's it. She is still a really feisty, independant, bundle of energy at 2.5 - I just think she didn't want to miss out on anything!

AnnieDelores Fri 04-Jan-13 21:08:52

How's it going Poppy? DS now has intermittent naps. He will sometimes go all day without one and sometimes kip for 1 and a half hours. Mind you, it does depend on what time he wakes up and how many hours he has at night. If he has 12 or 13, he ends to go straight through till 7pm. Fund and games. Kids are weird.

Slallen Wed 26-Dec-12 23:44:54

My DD was similar, napped with the others at nursery until 2yrs but never much at home after 12mths! And dummy's applenty which went to Santa last Xmas! DD is now 4 and hopefully school will wear her out cos she hates going to bed! Midnight last night! showofhands hoping school will do this for DD!

Iggly Mon 24-Dec-12 08:05:06

Can you give him an earlier nap? The risk of dropping altogether is e gets overtired then could get early wakings and night wakings.

PoppyWearer Sun 23-Dec-12 22:22:38

Interesting. My 16mo has been mucking about and not napping properly for the past week. I might just leave him to his own devices over the Christmas break and see what he does then as to whether or not he still needs a nap. He has just started sleeping through,which could be why.

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 23-Dec-12 22:13:42

Told you. Kids are weird.

The second you start thinking you can predict them they make you look a fool!

Sorry, not helping am I grin

AnnieDelores Sun 23-Dec-12 20:53:38

Mmmm. He fell asleep in the car today at about 2pm. I let him have an hour long nap but the result of that was he was still chatting away to himself at 8.30pm! I think we are going through a readjustment and he might need to carry on napping if he has a busy morning, but maybe have to put up with a later bed time as a result. I'll see what happens at nursery tomorrow!

Rockchick1984 Sun 23-Dec-12 09:07:51

My DS appeared to drop his nap around 18 months, this lasted about a week and a half and all of a sudden he went back to napping! Hoping you get the same smile

Iggly Sun 23-Dec-12 08:47:57

I wouldn't give up all hope. There is an 18 month regression where they might need more help with naps and won't self settle anymore as things are too wired. We used to take ds out for walks or I'd go back to feeding to sleep for naps. When he got a bit older he'd nap ok again and is still going at 3.2 (bedtime is around 7.30/8 on a nap day)! We're just starting to drop it now to get a 6/6.30 bedtime.

amyboo Sun 23-Dec-12 06:37:15

DS1 dropped naps at around 18 months. He carried on napping at creche (he was there fullltime) for around 1-2 hours a day, but would never nap for us at home past about 18 months. It didn't really do him any harm and he's always slept pretty well at night. The only thing we found is that we'd have to do a quiet activity (reading or watching tv) around midday to stop him getting insanely tired.

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 22-Dec-12 22:20:26

I have 2 attached to his pram and about 4 that live in his cot.

Plus one that is attached to his favourite doll so it's easy to find.

He never has them any other time but absolutely must have one in each hand to go to sleep hmm

I attempted to put him down in his cot for a nap the other day. Not a mistake I'll be making again any time soon.

I suppose because mine has never had a nap routine I've never got used to having that free time so it doesn't make any difference to me either way.

I can imagine it's not something you would relish losing though!

AnnieDelores Sat 22-Dec-12 21:58:31

Randall, mine is the same. Needs a dummy and a few extra thrown in the cot! Sleeps well at night, but I'm dreading the day I put him into a bed as I'm convinced he will get out of it all night!

Bearandcub Sat 22-Dec-12 21:56:48

YY babies are weird!

Bearandcub Sat 22-Dec-12 21:55:27

DS1 dropped his nap at 15 months. It took a little while after that to really settle him into a sleep routine but soon-ish after he slept through from 7 till 7.

ShowOfHands Sat 22-Dec-12 21:55:19

Yup, v busy. She only went to bed at about 10pm after a fight. She could happily be up till midnight. Never complained, never tired. The hv and midwife said from when she was young that they could predict the child she would become due to her sleep refusal and general character as a baby. They were spot on!

She's 5 now and sleeps better than she ever has. She doesn't get physically tired really but now she's at school, challenged and mentally exhausted, we do get 10hrs every night, sometimes 11 or 12.

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 22-Dec-12 21:51:05

Mine is 17 months.

TBH daytime naps have always been sporadic, he's never had any kind of routine and has always been difficult to get to sleep during the day.

Bizarrely he is and always has been fab at night. Has always self-settled without complaint and sleeps for a minimum of 12 hours wakes occasionally but only if he's lost his dummy.

Daytime has been a nightmare since day one! Until 5 or 6 months he would only sleep during the day if I held him.

Eventually he would sleep in his pushchair but I used to have to put the hoover on confused

He stopped needing the hoover at about 12 months but still has to have a dummy in each hand and will only ever sleep in his pushchair.

He's been down to one nap for a long time but it's completely random. Yesterday it was 10-15 minutes today almost 2 hours.

So basically, after all that rambling, I can't help at all.
Babies are weird, I don't understand them.

Shakey1500 Sat 22-Dec-12 21:46:13

DS also dropped his naps very early. Yep, say ta-ra to a bit of peace after lunch wink I resigned myself that he was an early-to-bed, early-to rise child. The benefit is that he always went to bed without much fuss (around 6pm when a toddler) so had a nice long me time spell of an evening. Downside was I saw more kids tv at ridiculous o'clock in the morning than I've had liked!

He's 5 now and goes to bed around 7pm, wakes around 5.30-6am fresh as a daisy. Any later to bed and he seriously flags.

AnnieDelores Sat 22-Dec-12 21:36:55

Blimey showofhands. Is your daughter a busy wee thing and into everything? Another worm on a stick too by any chance? Everything I've read says toddlers nap until at least 2 but my boy has done everything early without fail.

ShowOfHands Sat 22-Dec-12 21:19:51

DD dropped all naps at 12 months!

quoteunquote Sat 22-Dec-12 21:18:07

looks like it.

AnnieDelores Sat 22-Dec-12 21:02:22

My DS used to nap for up to two hours every lunchtime. He sleeps well at night for about 12 hours. Over the last few days I've put him in his cot and he's just talked to himself and played with his cuddly toys. In the end I gave up and took him out. He has gone to bed slightly earlier and is tired but not grumpy.

Is this likely to be sleep regression or could he be getting enough sleep at night? He also dropped his morning nap very early.

Might I have to wave bye bye to a quiet lunch break?!

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