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Book ideas for a sixteen-month-old?

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stopgap Sat 22-Dec-12 03:55:22

My DS is absolutely obsessed with books and has me reading about 20 a day. His current favourites are "Moon Rabbit", "Room on the Broom" and "Peace at Last". Can anyone recommend books of a similar length and content? I just ordered another Julia Donaldson book (Tabby McTat) but it's too grown-up.

Overwhelmedmummy Fri 04-Jan-13 15:30:10

One Mole Digging A Hole, One Ted Falls Out Of Bed and Don't Wake The Bear, Hare are on continuous repeat at the moment. One Mole being the favourite - at various points in the day my dd stops what she's doing, gets the book and shouts Mole, Mole, Mole til one of us reads it to her. As well as any of the That's Not My... Books.

AnaYorks Sat 05-Jan-13 20:10:48

Room on the Broom was Molly's first book - so, assuming similar taste...

YYY for Hairy Mclairy, Gruffalo (and Child), Each Peach, Whatever Next, Hungry Caterpillar and Peace at Last.

I'd also recommend some of the shorter Shirley Hughes books - Chatting, Bouncing, Giving and Hiding are all favourites here. Highway Rat is another good Julia Donaldson one, but maybe a bit long? What the Ladybird Heard is shorter. I'd also recommend Bear in a Cave - the sequel to Bear Hunt - and We Love Bunk Beds. Some of the Dr Seuss books are good - although you might not get through the whole book - Green Eggs and Ham has been popular here since Molly was tiny because of the repetition (even if it took two instalments to get to the end).

JassyRadlett Sat 05-Jan-13 22:59:00

My 15mo book nut is obsessed with What the Ladybird Heard, Dear Zoo and Oh Dear because of the animals, I think. He got Monkey Puzzle and Stick Man for Christmas which are both great and similar length. He also enjoys the That's Not My... books, Postman Bear and Fox's Socks and Giraffes Can't Dance.

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