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I feel guilty my 17 month old loves tv so much

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Cupcakemummy85 Mon 17-Dec-12 22:28:28

I feel so guilty about this and don't have a go at me all at once lol but my dd loves watch tv. Mainly peppa pig and Ben and holly. I try and make sure we r out once a day but I'm 32 weeks pregn and starting to feel rather tired now. My friends say don't worry it's fine but I can't help feeling bad especially when my dd has a massive tantrum after I switch her programme off. It's not all day she watches it but a bit in the morning and afternoon. My dp puts her programmes on for her all the time, even when I ask him to play with her. I feel like I'm going to loose sleep over this. I've got so many things to worry about with her, not sleeping through, not eating too well and now telly addiction :s if I don't have it on she sits by the gate to the kitchen and screams whilst I'm making a coffee or something like that. This evening I even read her favourite book 20 times (litreally!!) so she wouldbt watch tv. Lol am I really doing a bad thing by letting her watch tv. Please tell me it's not that bad :/

Cupcakemummy85 Sun 23-Dec-12 21:28:08

Thank you ellesabe for replying. I think with a new lot of toys at Christmas my dd should find a bit more joy in playing with her toys because at the moment she seems bored with them. I'm a bit more chilled about the tv but make extra effort to go out at least once. It's difficult if its raining because she just isn't into crafts as much as I try she really doesn't want to do it. So on rainy days I think a bit if tv is fine. Hopefully my dd will b the same as urs and just will take or leave the tv.

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