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2.9yr old aggressive to other children

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DeSelby Wed 12-Dec-12 11:07:25

My 2.9 year old DS1 keeps pushing and hitting other children. He enjoys wrestling type play and then takes it too far and pushes or hits. He has a 15m old brother who he doesn't push.

He goes to preschool two mornings a week and the behaviour started then - before that he didn't really interact with other children despite seeing them all the time at babygroups etc. I have tried putting him in time out, removed him from the situation, talked to him about playing nicely and rewarded good behaviour.

Preschool acknowledge its an issue and say we just need to keep doing what we are doing, but can anyone recommend any strategy? Anyone been in this situation?

PoisonMountain Wed 12-Dec-12 12:30:51

Its a phase! DS is (I hope) just coming out of it. He has good days and bad days. Ask what they do at preschool and do the same at home. For us it was 3 warnings then the corner. (At nursery, the next time is another three warnings, corner, I'm mean and every further offence = corner). It coincided with DD becoming mobile and showing an interest in his toys and him realising that he could stop others taking things he was interested in. Before, if another child came up and tried to take something off him he grinned and handed it over.

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