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toenail worries

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PrincessOfWails Wed 12-Dec-12 12:05:25

STOP PRESS - DS1 has this!!! His big toe toenails are sort of square - my Dad laughed massively when I said they were shaped like a staple, but I do mean it - there's a tiny little turn at each end, and it is genuinely almost 90degrees. (Incidentally his other toenails grow sort of in a rounded way, around the top of his toes - a bugger to cut!)
I asked my HV about it about a year ago when she was visiting DS2. I seem to have the best HV in the country - intelligent, sympathetic, sensible - and she said this is something that some children do have. DS hasn't had problems, but it can lead to problems - dreaded ingrowing toenails etc. She asked about family history - DH has had his big toe toenails removed; mine are ok, but my Dad has had problems with ingrowing toenails but he just treated them himself shockshockshock - any chiropodist would faint seeing his home surgery!
Anyway, the conclusion was, keep an eye on it, any problems straight to the chiropodist. But it may go away as he grows.
DS2 is fine - completely different toenails. Mine, in fact! smile

tacal Wed 12-Dec-12 08:08:10

Goodluck. I hope your GP is helpful.

toeworries Tue 11-Dec-12 22:55:17

Hi tacal

Thanks for your reply. I Think I should just go and see the GP. I know he will be massively dismissive but at least it will be in DS notes if things get worse like you said.

Thank you!

tacal Tue 11-Dec-12 22:03:13

Hi I was worried about one of my ds's big toe nails (different problem to you) and felt the same as you about GP not being interested. After months of thinking about it I decided to see the GP to put my mind at rest. I am not sure if my GP was interested but he did listen, examine the nail and tell me everything was ok but to go back if ds has any problems with it. I think it was worth the visit just to put my mind at rest and to know it is noted on ds's file should there be any further problems. He also said a Chiropidist (not sure how to spell) would be able to advise me. So maybe it would put your mind at rest if you see the GP and if there is a problem he/she will be able to advise you. Sorry if this is not much help.

toeworries Tue 11-Dec-12 21:39:58

Hi, can anyone help me out here?

DS is 13 months and the toenails on his big toes have been bothering me for a while. They're really flat and at the end seem to grow down into the end of his toe. We clip them regularly and they've never been infected but occasionally they do slightly pierce the skin on his toe and cause his toe skin to flak off IYSWIM.

I can't imagine my GP being in the slightest bit interested in this even though DP and I think DS has been uncomfortable in shoes lately (they are the right size)

Is this normal for baby feet or should be see a podiatrist? It's only his big toenails that are like this and they're a nightmare to cut as they are so close against the bed of the nail. Your experiences on this topic would be very welcome

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