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Dd 12months has started biting us when angry!

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Vickyogle Mon 24-Dec-12 20:42:10

12 months is classic time for the 1 year molars to cut which are very painful for little ones. Could the tantrums be linked to pain?

I also have a 12 month old who has recently been biting, she has 4 huge lumps in her mouth, poor thing. I have also noticed she will bite when we are rushing or she is tired/frustrated. I tell her no biting and do the babysign for Hurt and give her something to chew on like Sophie the giraffe or a frozen wash cloth. I also think about if she needs some calpol or anbusol as at 12 months I think they are just trying to communicate however it may seem. Xx

cheekyginger Thu 20-Dec-12 21:32:32

You do have too be tough to get your point across. If my DS goes into meltdown mode i lie him on the floor and then walk that he is less likely to bash something or throw himself down.

Im definately a firm believer in a bit og tough love. Its def worth it in the long run so that No actually means No!!

zambooloo Wed 12-Dec-12 00:07:24

Thank you both, so at 12 months they understand no & walk away? Think we better start trying that tomorrow!

cheekyginger Tue 11-Dec-12 21:28:56

Biting and hitting are a definate no no with my DS.

He was too little to understand the naughty corner, but he understood the very firm voice "no biting" and walk away as 3b1g describes. By about 14 months i used the naughty corner a couple of times which worked well.

Some of the foam bath shapes/letter for the bath make great teethers.

3b1g Tue 11-Dec-12 08:49:01

I had two that went through a very short biting stage at around 18 months. Assuming it was safe, every time they bit I would firmly say 'no biting', put them down and walk away. In retrospect, I wonder whether it was related to teething pain, but it still needed to be addressed as biting is unacceptable in any child that's old enough (developmentally advanced enough) to understand what they are doing.

zambooloo Tue 11-Dec-12 05:36:20

Our dd has just started trying to bite us if we don't let her have/ do something! She will go rigid and try to throw herself backwards having a bit of a tantrum but now she's started biting us. I thought tantrums were a way off yet - 12 months seems very young for tantrums and biting but maybe I was living in ignorance!

Anyway does anyone have any ideas or advice to offer to stop this or do we just ignore and ride it out? Hope I haven't got a demon childin my hands!


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