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One year old suddenly madly clingy - how to respond?

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kawaii123 Mon 10-Dec-12 17:35:31

My just one DS has suddenly gone. Incredibly whiny and clingy. He's always been raging key independent and totally unfussed by me. He was an early walker I think just to get away from me! Now he wants to be held non stop and seems quite intimidated at parties etc having previously been so smiley and confident. I know a clingy phase is normal (?) but desperate for advice on how to respond. He was very disinterested in any kind of cuddles even when he was a newborn so in a way I am really enjoying it now. But I know we mustn't keep this up. I work full time and also really don't want his doting dad feeling left out.

I have tried to just bend down and cuddle him every time he cries to come up rather than actually picking him up but he isn't usually satisfied by that!
any advice would be so appreciated!

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 10-Dec-12 20:43:49

Firstly, has there been any change recently, either at home or at nursery?

Secondly, please don't worry about your Dhs feelings. I'm assuming he is a grown man and knows that this is just a phase? There is also no reason why DH can't comfort him either, unless DS objects of course smile

All this just sounds like separation anxiety though and if he wants picking up, please just pick him up, at one he's still a baby. It doesn't matter if he spends the whole party on your lap does it?

If you google kellymom separation anxiety you should get a few more tips smile

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