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4 month old suddenly drinking less milk

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JenJen84 Mon 10-Dec-12 17:51:03

Thank you. I'm stressing totally. I'll bring her feeds
Down and let her tell me when she wants mOre instead of stressing seeing a half full bottle!

PeazlyPops Mon 10-Dec-12 16:56:37

I think it's completely normal. This happened with DS at 4 mo, he went from having 8oz bottles to just drinking 4oz or 5oz. I was worried, but after talking to other mums at baby groups, he wasn't the only one. I learnt to relax and trust that he knew how much he wanted.

It lasted for around a month and a half, then he got his appetite back.

JenJen84 Mon 10-Dec-12 16:37:29

She's recently had jabs.
She's not napping properly and crying over nothing I can tell.
She cries if I even try to feed her, now she won't even take 2ounces.

ZuleikaD Mon 10-Dec-12 13:38:05

She may have been building up to and doing her 4m growth spurt and now she doesn't need the extra. Is she well in herself?

JenJen84 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:31:00

My 4mo baby has suddenly started taking less milk.

She's progressively moved up until she's now on 6oz bottles 6 times a day.
In the last 2 days she's stopped taking mist of the 6oz bottles and wont have more than 4oz. Even with a break.

What could be the reason?

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