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Routine advised for 17wk

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22helz Mon 10-Dec-12 08:01:11

Would anyone share their routine and look over our routine, would like to stop 3am feed if possible & increase amount per bottle. Baby weighs 11lbs @ 16wks

Currently bottle feeding.

6.30 - 150ml, then sleep, play
10.00 - 150ml little nap, play
2pm - 150 ml, 1.5 hr sleep
5pm - 150ml, play then bath
8pm - 120ml, sleep
11pm - 150ml, sleep
Most nights 3am 120ml then sleep, will occasionally sleep till 5am which then messes up the daytime feeds.

Tried to get them back off to sleep without food at 3am has been impossible, we make all bottles to 180ml but its never finished. When feeding, takes most of the 150ml without stopping and then not interested in taking more.


Sirzy Mon 10-Dec-12 08:05:44

Why are you trying to stop the night feed so young?

Unfortunatly babies will feed when they want not when is convenient for you. If you want her to take more each feed you could try stretching the time between feeds but that's no good if that would mean she was left upset coz she was hungry

Jollyb Mon 10-Dec-12 08:23:11

I'm not sure there is a simple way to stop the night feed. They tend to do it when they're ready. I don't think my DD dropped it til around 8-9 months - this was a gradual process- ie some nights she'd wake and some she wouldn't until we realised that she'd stopped.

Are you dream feeding or does she wake for the 11pm feed? At that age my daughter was feeding roughly 7am,10am,1pm, 4pm and then 7pm before bed. She'd then sleep til around 2-3am had a quick feed and then back to sleep. She was breast feeding with a 6-7 oz bottle of formula before bed. If you ate dream feeding I'd be tempted to stop that first.

I know it's easier said than done but try not to stress too much about sleep and feeding at this age. One of my antenatal group used to get hugely worked up if her baby left an oz in his daytime bottle, as she was so worried that it would impact on his night time sleep. I'm not sure it works like that - they'll have hungry days, not hungry days and tired days.

Tallgiraffe Mon 10-Dec-12 08:31:47

11lb is pretty small to be going without a night feed IMO, I'd be very surprised if their tummy was big enough to hold enough food to last all night. My 10wo is 15lb and has just dropped one of his night feeds, seems to be common amongst our friends that the bigger babies sleep for longer.

You will get there, but try not to worry about it for now!

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