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Standing lots on tip toes - 9 mo

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poocatcherchampion Sun 09-Dec-12 18:36:51

Is this ok? She can go to flat feet but lots of the time she is up on tip toes. Will it just sort itself out or should I be encouraging her to stand in a more flat footed way?


madwomanintheattic Sun 09-Dec-12 18:40:58

Normal development. It will happen ;-) in a few months once she starts standing without holding on, she'll work out that it's easier to do it flat footed. She'll probably still go up on tiptoes for her first few unaided steps, but then will work out it's easier to do that flat, as well, for balance.

Normal, though.

poocatcherchampion Sun 09-Dec-12 19:08:38

Ace thanks, I'll stop wondering there then!

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