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Screaming match over nappy changing...

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SeptMummy Sun 09-Dec-12 08:30:33

My DS is nearly 15mths and has taken to having major screaming matches over nappy changing, he has never really liked it but before he was on the move he was ok with it and then tolerated it with distractions once he could move, but at the moment nothing seems to work and we have a real battle about keeping him lying on the changing mat and he is constantly trying to roll over/get up with a whole lot of tears and screaming as if we were doing the worst thing in the world! More often than not it's with a dirty nappy, but now he has even started to do it when just wet...Once eventually done he calms down. If he was sore I would understand, but he has never been sore, it just seems to be a total dislike to it... any tips, as it's now a nightmare and we dread having to it!

OstrichSizedToLapland Sun 09-Dec-12 10:49:38

When dd went through a similar phase, I started sitting her on the potty. She was about 12 months old. She didn't potty train properly until she was over two though. It was just something different, sometimes it meant she could go for longer without a nappy change.

She did stop pooing in her nappy then but that was all her idea not mine. If I saw her pushing I'd take her to the potty. Then just when it suited me for the wees. We would read a book and she loved it. All the shouting stopped on the changing mat.

But children are so different, I can only say what worked for her.

FadBook Sun 09-Dec-12 12:40:18

My DD is 16 months old and used to have bouts of doing this. I think it was because she didn't like being scooped up and having her nappy changed on my terms.

I changed this over a few weeks and prepare her for her nappy change. So I would say "baby fadbook, shall we change your nappy in a minute", let her play for a minute, then "baby fadbook, can you fetch me the changing mat to change your nappy", "can you lie down on the changing mat for mummy so we can change your nappy", "can you find a toy to play with whilst mummy changes your nappy" etc etc.

At first it would take 10 minutes longer to get her 'buy in' but now, she fetches her mat and lies down on it (still in her own time) but without me having to wrestle her grin.

This approach works with a lot of things - constantly talking about what you are going to do before you actually do it (i.e. I'd hate being picked up without warning and forced to lie down, does that make sense?)

DoubleYew Sun 09-Dec-12 12:46:49

I found the warnings didn't work for nappy changes but do help with getting out of the house or leaving fun activities.

Ds does better being changed standing up. Yes it is difficult with poos and reuseable nappies but you get the hang of it quickly. Stand them on an old towel if you are worried about floors.

If we are out and about, usually the baby changing is in the disabled toilet so although I don't need the changing table I do need the nappy bin and ds likes to splash in the low sink while I get on with the nappy. Always roll their sleeves up well!

GuineaPigMum Sun 09-Dec-12 13:46:49

My DS started doing this and I found it easier to start buying the pull-up nappies so I could just sit him on my knee rather than wrestle him on to his back.

Bumpsadaisie Mon 10-Dec-12 11:59:23

Its common - my 13 month old is the same - he yells as soon as I lay him down to change him.

I find I make sure I have loads of interesting things near his change mat to distract him while I get dirty nappy off and clean his bottom.

Then to minimise lying down time I take him off the mat and put new nappy on/dress him on the nearby sofa, he is usually standing up holding onto the sofa. We use pull up pants rather than nappies.

If his nappy is just wet rather than dirty we change standing up.

PoisonMountain Mon 10-Dec-12 12:12:25

My BIL installed a harness on their changing table...

DS went through a phase like this. I solved it by handing him the wipe packet and he could pass me a wipe when I asked him for one. The general toy distraction didn't really work for him (although now he wants to play with the toys I put out for DD by the changing mat), he liked playing with the tubes of cream etc. it also helped that he once fell off the changing table. With DH I hasten to add!

ImNotCute Mon 10-Dec-12 12:12:42

Another vote here for changing them standing up! DS stands at his toy garage and hardly notices what I'm doing. I'm getting good at doing it this way now.

DeathMetalMum Mon 10-Dec-12 14:04:43

I do dd's nappy on my knee for wet nappies. My legs crossed and I can hold her down with my arm/elbow if she tries to escape, and still have both hands free to do the nappy. It means she generally stays still wen it comes to lying down on the mat for a dirty nappy as its not as often.

Jakeyblueblue Mon 10-Dec-12 19:35:01

Pull ups. grin
Ds has been like this since he could stand alone. Haven't used a regular nappy since. The supermarket own brands are great and he even wears them at night.
They are also pretty cheap. 3.80 for 22 at asda grin

SeptMummy Mon 17-Dec-12 08:56:09

Sorry have been off line recently... thank you for all your suggestions, have tried the standing up but although started well, he now just refuses to stand on the mat.... i think i will have to try when he is unawares playing in another location...not that easy especially with dirty nappy as then tries to walk off half way through!!
Pull ups is a good idea and will experiment. I think it maybe more the routine and we have tried to alter this with different toys, bringing him downstairs in the morning before changing etc, a bit hit and miss!
Looks like it maybe potty training time, which I'm dreading especially as I'm 13wks pregnant with DC2 and morning sickness not helping with changing dirty nappies in the first place...DH has been amazing when here, although has less patience than me and has had enough of the screaming battles!

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