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How much weight should a 15 month gain?

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CecilyP Tue 11-Dec-12 13:06:00

I don't think there are any rules on what they should gain at this age because weight gain slows down so much after a year. FWIW, DS only gained a pound between 12 and 24 months, so only about an ounce a month, although he was heaftier in the first place.

Is your DD very slim, or is she very petite generally? If the dietician is not worried, I would try to relax a little. I think if your DD was 14 months and 3 weeks, it would still count as 14.5 months.

Tgger Sat 08-Dec-12 20:16:49

Is she thriving otherwise? Ie is she lively and responsive? Do you have any concerns about her development?

If the answer is no to these questions I would chill out about her weight. What percentile is she on now? DD was on 75th percentile at birth but quickly slipped down to 25th and lower at times before zooming up again at about age 3 when she had a huge growth spurt.

All you can do is keep offering lots of different foods and I guess milk of whatever sort. DD was BF and I didn't give up until 18 months as she never took a bottle! Also, lots and lots of babies/children this age don't eat a great deal. Appetite seems to kick in a lot more when they are nearer 2. Often they graze and it all adds up to enough calories- some seem to only take enough rather than plenty!

nik106 Sat 08-Dec-12 15:47:55

My DD is 15 months, and only weighs 7.5kg (approx 16lbs 7oz) and I'm rather concerned. She was born weighing 6lbs 10oz and in the 25th percentile. She has never been a big eater or drinker, and after she dropped 2 centile lines, they referred us to a dietician. The dietician has put her on a high calorie milk, which worked great for the first month or so, but now is doing nothing as she refuses to drink it, or other milk. For the last two months, we are lucky if we can get 1x 7oz bottle into her a day, and at a push we can get 3/4 of a 10 month jar into her per meal. I don't want her on jars, but we struggle with food... she likes to eat herself but we can't get any great quantity into her recently, before she was fine.

She saw the dietician this week, and I am really unhappy with her response. She last saw her at the end of August when DD weighed 7.31kg and at this weigh in, she only weighed 7.5kg, so a gain of 190g (6.7oz) in 3 months. My DD was poorly for a few days prior to the appointment, so the dietician estimated that she had lost 100g through illness. She feels there is no issue, as that 190g was gained in 6 weeks (although 28th Aug until 4th Dec, is actually over 3 months!) and she hasn't crossed a percentile line. Looking in her book, she has actually plotted her positioning incorrectly, despite weighing exactly 7.5kg, she was marked above the 7.5kg line, and marked at being 14.5 months although she was less than a week off being 15 months. Had this been plotted correctly, she would have crossed the percentile line.

I know they're weight gain slows as they get older but how much on average are they supposed to gain between 12 and 18 months? I don't think a gain of approx 2oz a month at this age is acceptable, or even 3oz if the estimation is correct.

Am I being overly worried, or should I be harassing my doctor for a 2nd opinion?

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